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The chefs at the Imperial Restaurant will offer you not only a wide spectrum of international dishes but also a plethora of unique local dishes to surprise and delight even the most exacting of palates, all prepared in the hotel’s kitchens using top-quality ingredients. Fresh, genuine Mediterranean flavours are the order of the day at the Imperial Restaurant, which serves up simple yet refined dishes on both the à la carte and buffet menus.

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The King's cuisine is inspired by Alghero , Sardinian and Italian community tradition, sustained by a basic concept: the choice of ingredients and fresh produces.

Pasta, meat, fish and vegetables are all fresh and produced locally. The King's presents a rich and simple cuisine, able to magnify the tastes of an extraordinary land.

Even the restaurant's wine cellar does not distance itself from the concept with a good selection of regional wines that represent the most important grape blends of the area.

The restaurant  serves only fresh sardinian products, cooked on request, enhancing the real sardinian perfumes and flavours. Everything is prepared in order to make you discover authentic aromas and flavours and

taste authentic dishes according to the the traditional recipes. 

The King's hails the best location in Alghero, with a to-die-for terrace that provides a panoramic view expanding from the glittering village  to Capo Caccia landscape.

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Cuisine: fish

Located on a terrace near the Bastioni Margherita, the restaurant has a nice view on the harbour and on Capo Caccia promontory. It offers a vast selection of fish dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients, and Sardinian wines.

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Tenute Delogu Resort is famous Sardinian Agriturismo which is  only 10 minutes from Alghero  village.
Its food tells the story of a territory: very few places in the world can boast food is as authentic as that in Sardinia.
The quality of the products and the preparation and flavour of the dishes are values that go beyond their tastiness and are the heritage of thousands of years of history.
Sardinian cuisine is still very similar to the way it was many centuries ago, while differing between the various territories and preparation techniques. Whether on the coast or inland, Sardinia's delicious specialities, based on
simple and genuine ingredients, with strong yet delicate flavours, never fail to amaze you.
One of the best place to satisfy the pleasures of the palate, savoring the tasty foods typical of the local tradition.
Tastings for hikers, tourists and visitors and for those who want to know the authentic culinary traditions.

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Cuisine: traditional

The restaurant is surrounded by many olive-trees, offering charming and unique landscapes. The flavour of ancient traditions, sometimes difficult to be found, can be tasted with the different kinds of dishes served with high quality wines and meats cooked with great experience. A real nice farm offering and interesting gastronomic tour through the typical flavours of Sardinia.


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Baia delle Ninfe Restaurant is updating its menu with fine Mediterranean and International cuisine, and, with a selection of typical Sardinian dishes to enjoy in the elegant indoor dining room or on the terrace overlooking Capo Caccia. 

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The restaurant is situated in Castelsardo, on a terrace under the bastions of the castle that faces out towards the Island of Asinara. It offers a fish based menu of excellent Castellan tradition.

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The à la carte menu of Ristorante L'Incantu offers up a plethora of dishes that are rich in flavour, tradition, experience and creativity. The chefs' concept of gastronomy is very much bound up with the authenticity of the seasonal local produce and is geared squarely towards satisfying even the most exacting of palates.
In short, a visit to the restaurant is all about having a sublime sensory experience that takes its cue from an ancient mysterious land, awash with fragrances, colours and flavours.
Modern settings set in traditional architecture are the hallmark of L'Incantu restaurant.
A gastronomy concept based on the genuinely fresh seasonal produce, gratifies all tastes. Typical products offer an experience of the senses which is borne out of this ancient and magical land, so rich in smells, colours and tastes: Sardinia.
A romantic place, very exclusive and rich in charming poetry; where the sea air mingles with the scents from the bush-land and the magical tastes of the traditional cuisine unite with the fantasy and skills of the chefs.

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Cuisine: Mediterranean

Located directly on the beach with an enchanting view on Asinara Isle, the restaurant can be reached by boat. They offer a Mediterranean cuisine with refined fish dishes and very friendly staff.