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Coordinates: 40°26'26.8"N 9°47'28.8"E

S Ginepro point is the beautiful Ginepro cove sheltered from westerly winds.

Beware, for those coming from N don't pull over immediately to the beach: the S side of the point is fringed with rocks (scoglio Marchesa).

We anchor in 5/6 m.

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Coordinates: 40°22'40.2"N 9°44'33.5"E

Located between the mouth of Cedrino and wild coast, there is a small cove Foche Pizzina with a small beach with a length of about 350 m, which is located between the mouth of the artificial canal that carries the waters of the river Cedrino at sea and the mouth of the river Foche Pizzina. Day anchorage, when weather permitting.

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Coordinates: 40°13'33.9"N 9°37'42.6"E

Beautiful sandy beach where you can anchor in 5 meters of water. At the bottom there are characteristic caves. Sheltered of W wind and very open to the E.

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Coordinates: 40°06'32.8"N 9°41'25.1"E

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Coordinates: 39°58'26.7"N 9°42'04.3"E

Anchorage can be taken, in a depth of 15m, sand and weed, about 0.2 mile SSW of Isola dell’Ogliastra or in a depth of 8m, about 200m W of the islet, but these berths are dangerous in SE winds.

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Coordinates: 39°55'20.7"N 9°42'23.8"E

S Bellavista cape, between Sud S. Gemiliano point and N Frailis point, leads a small bay with a beautifull sandy beac.
On the W point of the entry we see S. Gemiliano tower, 42 m high. N promontory is the Arbatax harbour. Beware to numerous rocks present in the bay.

We anchor in 4 to 8 m, at about 0,3 NM SE tower.

Sheltered of NW winds.

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Coordinates: 39°55'10.4"N 9°41'52.6"E

San Gemiliano cove opens at the most Northern end of a long beach, sheltered by the promontory of Bellavista cape and a small tip that comes off, at the top of which stands the ruined tower San Gemiliano.
The Western side of the tip is bordered by emerging rocks and shoals and therefore we must anchor leaving at least 300 m without too close to the N of the beach.

The anchorage, in 3/6 m, is more quiet and less crowded than neighboring Porto Frailis.

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Coordinates: 39°52'13.9"N 9°41'30.2"E

The large bay of Cea is known and recognizable by the presence to a few meters from the shore, of two red rocks shaped chimneys, called "Is Scoglius Arrubius" (Arrubius means red), particularly popular with divers.
You can anchor near the small cove S of the bay.

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Coordinates: 39°41'49.1"N 9°39'48.9"E

Beautiful bay whose white beach named from the wide mouth of the river that flows into it. It is 1 NM S capo Sferracavallo.

Ancorage during good weather, sheltered of W winds.

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Coordinates: 39°32'12.0"N 9°38'57.9"E

Cala di Murtas, also also known under the name of cove Quirra, bordered by a long sandy beach, lies between the tower and Cape S. Lorenzo. The cove is dominated by the ruins of the castle Quirra which stood on 296 m high hill.

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Coordinates: 39°11'35.4"N 9°34'09.9"E

Between Capo Bellavista and Capo Sferracavallo, 13 miles S, the coast alternates in high rocky stretches and low, sandy, and marshy stretches.
The coast between Torre di Porto Corallo and Capo Ferrato is low, sandy, and backed by salt water lagoons. It is fringed with shoals and should not be approached within 0.5 mile.Between Capo Ferrato and Punta dei Cappuccini, 7 miles S, the coast is mostly low and sandy, but has rocky points in places.
Monte Nai and Monte Cannas, two cone-shaped peaks, dominate this stretch of the coast. A prominent road leading to the summit can be seen on the latter mountain.

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Coordinates: 39°10'13.2"N 9°34'21.6"E

Cala Pira is S of Cappuccini point that has Cala Pira tower. You can anchor in this cove in sandy bottom.