Area Description

Orosei Gulf


The Gulf of Orosei is located on the Eastern coast of Sardinia, between Punta nera (North) and Capo di Monte Santu (South). A very sharp geological division separates this gulf in two different regions. Their landscapes are different as well as the origin of their territories. The Northern territory is characterised by low-lying coastal zones, sandy beaches and pine woods behind them, while the Southern area, where Cala Gonone is located, is marked by a calcareous mountain chain, covered by typical Mediterranean maquis.
Cala Gonone 


Cala Gonone is strategically positioned between the mountains and the rocky coastline with electric blue sea on the dramatic East coast of the island. It is a growing holiday resort offering boat trips to the coves, grottos and rock pools along the picturesque coastline with secluded beaches only accessible by boat. The town is also an ideal base for exploring the natural beauty of the inland mountains, lakes and waterfalls as well as the traditional villages known for cheese, wines and handicrafts. The most renowned beaches along the coast includes Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine and Cala Luna.



Cala Gonone belongs to the municipality of Dorgali. This area is one of the most fortunate ones of Sardinia because of the variety of its landscapes: the Orosei gulf crystalline waters and the Supramonte unpolluted mountains, which constitute it’s precious natural patrimony. Arts and crafts, agriculture, cattle breeding and tourism are some of its economic strengths.  The wine-grower cooperative, the cheese producer association, the olive-grower cooperative, the carasau bread bakeries, as well as its many confectioneries are the main attractions of this agricultural based economy. 

Santa Maria Navarrese


The small coastal town of Santa Maria Navarrese is situated on the dramatic East coast of Sardinia approximately 145 km from both Cagliari in the South and Olbia in the North east. The town has a lovely bay with town beach and marina, and a selection of shops, café bars, restaurants and pizzerias. The Mountains of Sopramonte provide a dramatic backdrop to the town. The larger town of Tortoli is about 8 km away and the scenic 'Il Trenino Verde' (Little Green narrow gauge train) can be accessed from Arbatax.



Arbatax is a scenic town and harbour with far reaching views of the picturesque East coast of Sardinia from the lighthouse on the headland of Capo Bellavista. Originally a fishing village, the town's name comes from the Arabic word meaning 14th tower that stands on the seafront. The dramatic scenery surrounding the town ranges from the world famous ‘Rocce Rosse’ (red rocks) of Cala Moresca to the sheer cliffs of Capo Montesanto, making a brilliant contrast with the vivid emerald sea.