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Coordinates: 41°11'31.4"N 9°17'40.5"E

Porto Liscia sheltered from NW, W, SW; SE, it has a sandy bottom.

Liscia bay has a beach of fine white sand, about 1 km long, which gives a crystal clear sea.
You can anchor in the center of the bay by 5/10 m 

Porto Liscia is the best place to use and enjoy water toys .

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Coordinates: 41°11'30.9"N 9°19'15.9"E

Porto Pollo beach is located about 1 kilometer from Porto Pollo village, in Palau, Olbia-Tempio. This beach is the epicentre of kitesurfing in Sardinia, as this spot has some of the best wind conditions in Europe. Porto Pollo beach is also very suitable for windsurfing, sailing and even for diving, canoeing and mountain biking. The total length of the beach is near 3.5 kilometers, offering wonderful views of Isola dei Gabbiani to the north, the Maddalena Archipelago to the north-east, and Corsica to the north-west. The area around Porto Pollo beach has many restaurants, bars, resorts and surfing schools to choose from. A must-see, especially if you enjoy water sports.

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Coordinates: 41°13'10.8"N 9°10'01.4"E

La Liccia is one of the string of wonderful beaches along the coast of Santa Teresa Gallura. About 1 km in length, it is a band of fine white sand lapped by a crystal-clear sea.

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Coordinates: 41°08'23.8"N 9°26'09.8"E

Large beach between Murra Point and La Barca Bruciata point. Barca  Bruciata beach excellent shelter for boats, especially when the mistral blows, ensuring a flat sea and a good resistance to the anchor.

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Coordinates: 41° 13' 12.414" N 9° 22' 39.871" E 

Beautiful cove on the west coast of the Maddalena, protected from the north. The surrounding area is clear. At the bottom there is a dock. Mooring buoys on rocky or sandy funds by 5 m. In the Southern part is another cove, a few houses and an old quarry without interest.
Formerly, pink granite boulders were transported by ship across the world. The Cala Francese granite was used for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.


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Coordinates: 41° 15' 1.68"N  9° 24' 48.72"E

It is nestled along the meandering northern coast of the Island, unsheltered from the boisterous northern and north western winds which keep the water clear and cool. A towering sand dune surrounded by junipers and rock roses make it unique and easily recognizable. From the centre of La Maddalena, proceed for about 8 km on the panoramic road.

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Coordinates: 41°13'51.3"N 9°20'38.4"E

The widest inlet of Spargi Island, with small, splendid bay onto which slopes the coast streaked by a green carpet of cistus and myrtle. The famous "Witch Head", a large rock shaped like the profile of a witch can be admired.

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Coordinates: 41°13'04.6"N 9°29'08.8"E

Called Tahiti because of its transparent and luminous sea which evokes sea-beds of a faraway paradise. On the east side of Caprera Island, it can be reached b foot on a long and impervious trail which crosses the mountainous ridge of Tejalone.

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Coordinates: 41° 16' 45.47"N 9° 21' 21.57"E

Fine white sand onto which myriads of pieces of shells and coral create pearly pink reflections. Pink rocks bordering the profile and a turquoise sea, deep and unreal the way some dreams are.

Transit, anchoring or stopping of any vessel, underwater activities and bathing in the area between the line of the shore and the round boundary buoys, accessand trampling on the shore are prohibited.

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Coordinates: 41°14'44.3"N 9°14'13.6"E

The beach of la Marmorata is located at 5 km. far from the village of Santa Teresa di Gallura. 
It consists of two beaches even if the biggest is mainly bound to the clients of the big hotel located close to La Marmorata. From the beach it is possible to enjoy the view of the Marmorata Islands which are reachable also by swimming. On the islands it is possible to visit the ruins of an ancient Roman granite cave. 
Sea bed: low