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Coordinates: 40°51'38.5"N 9°39'18.9"E

Porto Taverna, holiday village is located south of Olbia, on the east coast of Sardinia.
You can anchor for the day (7 to 18 m) on the sandy bottom, the bay is protected in part by the island Tavolara. On the beach there is a coffee bar. Behind the beach there is a lagoon, where it is sometimes possible to observe flamingos.

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Coordinates: 40°49'44.4"N 9°41'27.4"E

Porto Brandinghi or Brandinchi is a large bay that offers a good anchorage, however, discouraged by E wind raises a big swell. Access to the anchorage by about 8 m, passing between Rossa island (S) and Testa di Moro Rock, triangular and inconspicuous, 0.4 M in S.

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Coordinates: 40°50'45.9"N 9°43'37.5"E

This long peninsula beyond the promontory of Monte Petruso, extending into the Tyrrhenian Sea, has an end portion which is called "Capo Coda Cavallo" ("Queue of horse cape"), because of its curious shape.
This is the extreme point of the marine protected area of Tavolara / Coda Cavallo.
In front of the tip is Proratora island where you can visit a cave.

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Coordinates: 40°53'29.2"N 9°40'57.1"E

The bight of Spalmatore di Terra lies on the SW end of Tavolara Island and offers anchorage in a depth of 20m, about midway between the entrance points.

This berth is exposed to SE winds.
Several houses are located at the end of the bay and a conspicuous lime kiln is situated on its E side. A low, narrow, and sandy peninsula extends 0.5 mile SW and forms the NW side.
A shoal area extends up to 0.5 mile NW of this sandy peninsula and Isolotto Verde, Isolotto Spalmatore, and numerous rocks lie on it.

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Coordinates: 40°53'33.0"N 9°37'21.4"E

Opposite the island Tavolara, this bay is bordered by a beautiful white sand beach and is partly sheltered by the island of Tavolara. Day anchorage on sandy bottom (8/4 m)

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Coordinates: 40°55'14.8"N 9°38'54.0"E

Point S of Olbia gulf, is the NE end of a promontory. A tower is located on the cape. A shoal extends beyond the cap and extends more than 0.4 NM E of it. A large rock is 0.2 NM E Cape and is indicated by a beacon. An island located 0.1 NM NW of the cape is also marked by a beacon. This cape is the N limit of Natural Area marina protetta Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo.

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Coordinates: 40°59'11.3"N 9°35'29.5"E

Cala Sassari is composed of a set of three large rocks outcrops and large sandy beaches. This is an excellent anchorage which provides shelter against W and NW winds .
Coming from S,  attention to submerged shoal (2/3 m), about 250 m E / NE of Punta Pedrosa.

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Coordinates: 40°59'46.9"N 9°37'14.8"E

Porto di Golfo Aranci  lies at the E head of the gulf and is mainly used by ferries. The harbor consists of two basins, divided by moles.
The most remarkable buildings are the post yellowish, the rooting of the median, and E of the village, a house yellow and blue with two floors. The harbor consists of a pier rooted on an embankment that connects it to the bank. S of the wharf pier also takes root on the median. SE side of the pier is lined with a quay along which there is 6-7 feet of water.  N quay a pier angled houses a small harbor for boats.

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Coordinates: 40°59'06.5"N 9°38'42.1"E

Anchorage by 6 to 10 m, S Figari cape, behind  Figarolo island, N Aranci gulf.

That small bay is divided into two coves fringed by sandy beach.
Good protection from all winds except those coming from SE.