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Coordinates 41°08'46.1"N 9°31'44.3"E

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Coordinates: 41°06'58.1"N 9°32'41.0"E

Beautiful spots with crystal and clear water, white sand. Mooring field in the bay. It offers protection from the E, SE, S, SW, W, NW but open to NE; the bottom is sandy in the internal part and rocky with seaweeds in the first part of the gulf. The best anchorage is in front of the beach called the "Great Pevero" (or one side of which is next to the W, most popular and attractive, called "Little Pevero"), at the southern end of Gulf.
With W winds the best refuge is located near the coast, about half of the NW shore of the gulf, in the shallow bay of Porto Paglia, the bottom of which there is a beach, it is the most isolated and there is no houses around, but it is less beautiful.

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Coordinates:   41° 8' 30.149" N     9° 28' 48.421" E 

Cala Battistoni includes  all the bay in front of Baja Sardinia 

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Coordinates: 41°08'33.0"N 9°27'55.6"E

A rocky and charming landscape just in front of one of the most amazing emerald coast clubs 



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Coordinates: 41°07'36.6"N 9°28'08.4"E

In the bay N of Cala Bitta, after passing "Pointa di li Cossi", we anchor in 4 to 5m on sand and herbs bottom. Good shelter except by NW winds.


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Coordinates: 41°08'31.9"N 9°30'34.8"E

There is a small pontoon 50 m long, which may be used only by small boats (TE: 2-4 m).
Anchor in 5-10m,  protected from SW winds, but open to N and NE winds.  Swell returns there.
The banks are lined by rocks submerged and emergent, approach with caution.

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Coordinates: 41°05'52.7"N 9°34'03.2"E

This large bay houses the Starwood Romazzino Hotel on the sandy white beach.
Beware to Capaccia rocks, covered by 7 m of water near Capaccia tip.
Anchor by 3-10 m.

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Coordinates: 41°04'37.5"N 9°32'24.0"E

A beautiful bay with amazing beaches. The most beautiful and popular are La Celvia, Capriccioli and Spiaggia del Principe. And with the famous Starwood Cala di Volpe Hotel. Natural harbour pretected from NW,W, SW winds, while SE winds raise a little choppy.The Fox Mooring mooring buoy camp will offer full service 24/7. For most of this anchorages only the SE winds raise a little choppy.

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Coordinates: 41°00'49.9"N 9°34'57.7"E

Sabina bay offers a beautiful sandy beach and a mooring in a crystalline turquoise water by 3-8 m.
You must anchor in the middle of the bay because many rocks surround the edges of the cove. Beach bar and restaurants.

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Coordinates: 41°00'50.6"N 9°33'54.3"E

Big white sandy beach. Fully equipped with tender and toy rental. Beach Bar and Restaurants.

Be careful of the two point covered by 2 and 3 m of water (41°00’,54N - 009°33’,54E, 41°00’,57N - 009°33’,70E).

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Coordinates: 41°01'40.7"N 9°32'04.1"E

Deep bay with with a big white sandy beach. Bar and Restaurants.