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Sardinian Excellences: Wine

Sardinian Excellences: Wine

Commonly if we talk about Sardinia we easily associate: crystal clear Mediterranean sea, lovely sandy beaches… But still are we missing a point! Food? Sure! We will speak about Sardinian traditional food in our blog very soon, but let's talk this time about what can certainly enhance it all! The drink of the Gods!

In all cultures, wine has a special remarkable place, and for Sardinians it is in pole position!

Sardinia is a land of wine-growers, in the midst of the Mediterranean grapes are treasures to be protected. A successful combination of wild and charm, of aromas intensity and gentle sea breezes turn to great emotions.The grapevine is an integral feature of the Sardinian landscape: from the fertile plains near the sea to the hills, as well as in interior zones.

Although recent studies of findings in Nuraghic archeological sites suggest the fascinating idea that wine-making activity was already underway as long ago, wines of Sardinia comes from to the Spanish conquests that have brought grapes varieties considered today as native wines.
The most famous Sardinian grapes are Vermentino, Carignano and Cannonau. But also: Monica, Bovale Sardo, Nasco, Girò, Nuragus, Malvasia Bianca are able to fascinate those approaching for the first time to the Sardinian wines.

The climate of this generous, hospitable island along with humankind knowledge and technology have given birth to wines of high quality, some vigorous and robust, others elegant and aristocratic, but always conceived in harmony between production and environment. The equilibrium and singular taste sensations of Sardinian wines seem to be linked to rich colors of traditional costumes, both expression of the ancient Sardinian culture.

Vermentino cultivated in Sardinia is a wine of great personality, which bears no comparison to other Italian or foreign wines. This winefound its perfect habitat in Gallura. Anamazing Vermentino wine, 1st Sardinian winner at the Vinitaly 2017 is "Sciala" Vermentino di Gallura DOCG. It has a straw yellow colour with golden nuances and its bouquet is intense, with hints of exotic yellow fruits, delicate broom flowers and herbaceous scents, typical of Mediterranean scrub.Sciala comes from:VigneSurraua Gallura winery. Few kilometer from Porto Cervo, this new modern style winery made of wood, stone and glass, was designed as a place where art would merge with nature. The building has transparent facades and walls built of local stone which blend in with the earth in a modern line, complementing the beautiful landscape of the over 40 hectares of vineyards which produce the Surrau wines.

Carignano production is almost mostly concentrated in the Sulcis,(as well as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes)the area under cultivation is only around 1,700 hectares, but despite this, Carignanomay be considered one of the most important and prestigious of all Sardinian wines.Recognised as DOC in 1977, it is marketed as DOC CarignanodelSulcis.It’s distinguishably sweet, extremely delicate, round tannin weave chromatically embroidered with refined anthocyanins. The Barruais one the best expression of this vine, Even though the vineyards are situated in the DOC CarignanodelSulcis area, the wine falls under the I.G.T. of Isola deiNuraghi, a name referencing the ancient stone built by the Nuragic civilization.

Cannonau is maybe the best synonymous of this Isle. The grapes grown all over this island, a special variety of what is generally known as grenache, produces explosive, potent wines. The great majority of the vineyards, and the highest-quality wines, are produceddeep inside Barbagia. Cannonau is the prime grape of excellent and famous Sardinian wines such as Turrigaan intense ruby red color made from Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale and Malvasia Nera grapes.Produced in the countryside of Selegas by the wineryArgiolas (currently runned by the third Argiolas generation). This winery is located in Serdiana, near Cagliari, plenty of sun and wind, with the sea near that mitigates heat and cold. Argiolas’ philosophy is precisely to produce only from traditional Sardinian grape varieties, to make them known all over the world.

Starting from 2013 there’s a special competition dedicated to Sardinian wines called Wine and Sardinia. This year it has been launched from Vinitaly. For 2017 the participation deadline is fixed to June 30th 2017. An international jury will elect the excellences of regional wine production. The awards will be held at October 21/22 during autumn in Barbagia “Sa innenna "2017 in Sorgono.Sure it is an appointment to fix in the agenda.

‘I crossed the vineyard. The vines were in flower; all was vibrant with fireflies. Oh we can only express ourselves through music! What sweetness, what heartache in that moment, when I stopped in the midst of the rows of vines, and suddenly found myself caught as if within a glowing net.’ G. Deledda  ( from“The stolenchild”) 

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