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    SHURHOLD Net Landing Treated Nylon 1820SH

    €46.16 net price
    Landing Net in Treated Nylon that fits in Shurhold Handles. Size: 43 cm x 51 cm x 76 cm

    SHURHOLD Net Crab Nylon 1822SH

    €28.18 net price
    Crab Net with Treated Nylon Netting, it snaps into a Shurhold Handles Dimensions: 12" X 13" X 15"

    STAR BRITE Rain View 88708

    €16.67 net price
    STAR BRITE Rain View 88708 Improves wet weather visibility through windshield and windows. Use on glass and plastic. Heavy rain and wet weather can result in limited visibility through windshields and windows. Star brite Rain View is the effective solution to this annoying and potentially dangerous situation.

    PETRAMAR Croatia Ensign 40x60

    €15.30 net price
    PETRAMAR Croatia Ensign 40x60

    PETRAMAR Corse Ensign 70x100

    €19.20 net price
    PETRAMAR Corse Ensign 70x100

    PETRAMAR Cayman Island Red Ensign 100x150cm

    €76.90 net price
    PETRAMAR Cayman Island Red Ensign 100x150cm

    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 70x100cm

    €51.30 net price
    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 70x100cm

    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 50x75 cm

    €43.00 net price
    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 50x75 cm

    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 80x120

    €73.50 net price
    PETRAMAR Belize Ensign 80x120

    AGF Photovoltaic Panel

    €238.00 net price
    AGF Photovoltaic Panel Maximum Power: 100 Wp Voltage at Maximum Power: 17.7 V Current at Maximum Power: 5.7 A Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6 V Short Circuit Current: 6.3 A Tolerance: +/- 5% Dim: 132,5 cm X 65,5 cm Picture is purely indicative.

    MARCO Adjustable Electric Headlight 24V

    €699.00 net price

    MARCO EMH-MS Electronic whistle + mike + siren - 13600213

    €282.00 net price
    Waterproof electronic whistle complete with loudspeaker, AISI 316 stainless steel bracket and electronic unit with microphone. 24V

    MARCO SP2 Shower pump kit - 16490015

    €142.00 net price
    Shower kits complete with self-priming pump with electronic control. Equipped with helical PTFE gears, nickel-plated brass body and connections, integrated check valve. Complete with 4m white hose with screw connections and hand washer equipped with built-in white container. The kit is especially suitable for yachts, rubber dinghies and sailing boats. 12/24Volt.

    MARCO DQC Deck quick connection for washing pumps - 16510000

    €30.80 net price
    Quick connection for washing pump, integrated in a built-in white container with cover and gasket. Particulary easy to install and suitable for fast washing operations thanks to the quick-click connector for the gun coil hose. Dim. 3.5"x3.3"x2.2" / Hose in 1/2"

    MARCO EMX1 Horn, stainless steel long - 13204323

    €69.20 net price
    Single or double electromagnetic horn with stainless steel trumpet , bracket and membrane. New support design with integrated cable. Complete with fixing hardware. 24V, 3A


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