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    0 Pills of long life from Sardinia, and live to be a hundred - pill n. 3

    Sail with us by the coast of Sulcis Iglesiente, located in the extreme south-west of Sardinia, famous for its ancient origins and traditions.

    0 Indel Webasto: synonym of quality

    Summer is here, and nothing can turn more essential than a quality refrigerator on board, moreover when we are in the middle of the sea!

    Indel Webasto is leader in the yachting industry for all what concern refrigeration. Nautica Assistance has chosen Indel Webasto since more than 15 years.

    0 Propspeed

    Is your boat ready for this coming summer?
    If we win the fight against Covid-19 we won't be defeated by fouling organisms in the sea!

    0 Coronavirus: International update for yachting industry

    When it will be possible to come to Sardinia? Are boats allowed to come? 

    0 June The 3rd: Italy Reopening Its Borders!

    We are thrilled to announce that Italy is preparing to reopen the borders with the rest of Europe. In the decree that will be launched in the next few hours by the government, the possibility is foreseen from June the 3rd of entering Italy from the countries of the European Union, the Schengen area including Switzerland and Monaco.

    For those who cross the borders, the mandatory quarantine with isolation of 14 days will no longer be necessary.

    0 Nautica Depot is open!

    Nautica Depot, our marine store located in Olbia, is officially open to public  Mondays to Fridays from 08:30hrs to 18:30hrs and on Saturdays from  09:00hrs to 13:00hrs. 

    The shop area has been completely sanitized and equipped with all necessary anti-COVID19 measures to assure the safest shopping to all our customers.

    Also, as per Ministerial decree of  26th of April,  NA TECH (our Technical assistance department) is back to work assisting boats already sitting in local shipyards. 



    Nautica Depot, il nostro negozio per la nautica da diporto ad Olbia, ha ufficialmente riaperto  al pubblico tutti i giorni dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 08:30 alle 18:30 e il sabato dalle 09:00 alle 13:00.

    I locali del negozio sono stati completamente sanificati ed attrezzati di tutte le necessarie misure anti-COVID19 per consentire ai nostri clienti uno shopping in totale sicurezza.

    Inoltre, come da decreto ministeriale del 26 aprile, il nostro reparto tecnico NA TECH è ritornato operativo nell'assistenza a tutte le imbarcazioni già presenti nei cantieri locali. 



    0 Pills of long life from Sardinia, and live to be a hundred

    Sardinia is known to be one of the five Blue Zones in the world, regions where people, according to National Geographic’s author Dan Buettner, live longer than average with an unusual high number of locals over 100. This peculiar longevity attracted great interest within researchers who specifically focused on lifestyle and diet of our centenarians.

    Sardinia has a predominant pastoral tradition, therefore do not be surprised to discover so many maritime specialties along your trip, mainly in all coastal regions, where our Island has been conquered throughout the centuries.

    Dabble into a sensorial journey discovering our ancestral food, sailing with us towards an unconventional yacht itinerary, travelling through recipes that might enclose the long life elixir, touched with local folklore, preserved from a generation to the other, exported all over the world, up to your table, anchored just a few hundred meters from the source!

    0 Nautica Depot: Exclusive Dealer For Ecoworks Marine Products In Sardinia

    We are very happy to announce that Na Depot is now the exclusive dealer in Sardinia for Ecoworks Marine produce the “Preserve the Living Seas ®.

    Ecoworks Marine are championing the sustainable revolution in marine cleaning. Founded in 2015, the brand has a rapid growing number of yachts around the world choosing to use its range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. 


    Ports of entry for ships and marinas are now being monitored and new regulations have been updated from day to day as all countries react to Coronavirus in an attempt to stop the spreading and go back to business as usual.

    Please consider all the following regulations are constantly changing and being updated on a day to day basis. Here is the list of countries and their regulations as per 22.04.20


    It is difficult to be resilient and positive when one reads how the whole world has been affected by COVID 19, but, as the days pass by, locked in our homes, we can't avoid thinking about the major issues that took the world to this point, so why not making better use of our time by working on future actions?