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    Coronavirus: International update for yachting industry

    When it will be possible to come to Sardinia? Are boats allowed to come? We are so impatient to say yes as you can imagine! We are very much positive that this will happen pretty much soon, but so far we cannot give a certain date.

    Our last email on the 16th of May was reporting the most updated position of Italian government as per official decree of the 17th of May: Italian border will be reopened by the 3rd of June, of course if level of contagion will remain low as it is so far.

    Following this last decree, in fact, the Government has decided (art. 6) that, starting from June 3rd, the national borders will be reopened and people travelling from and to a foreign Country member of the EU, the Schengen, the U.K, Northern Ireland, the Principality of Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City and Andorra will be allowed to enter Italy and won’t be asked to go through the 14 days isolation period. 

    From 15th of June borders will be open to all countries not mentioned previously. If so, reaching Europe from an external Schengen country will be allowed with no restrictions of any kind. On this matter, we will send new update when effective.

    At this stage, it is not possible to move boats from a region to another in Italy and of course not possible to receive boats from foreign countries, if not for specific technical reasons (e.g. boats needing to go to a specific shipyard, and of course, after approval of regional government). In other words, the possibility of entering ports of different Regions compared to the port where the unit is moored or in waters of foreign countries is conditioned by general, national and specific rules, if any more restrictive regional regulations on the movement of people, in force at the time of the activities.

    In addition to that, the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport published its guidelines for marinas, recreational sailing, charters and diving, reporting that the same measures (i.e. social distancing, usage of masks, and gloves, complete sanitation of areas and equipment) will be applied.

    So far and until the 3rd of June any person arriving in Italy from abroad or moving from a region to another is subject to 14 days of quarantine. If the curve of contagion will remain low we are certain that from the 3rd of June there will be free maritime circulation, of course subject to a specific protocol of health check.

    Also ports and marinas are subject to same kind of measures in the entire country, in fact as per anti-contagion legislation, it is considered essential for the tourist port's to be equipped themselves with special Information Signs, in Italian and English, containing the behavioral measures to be followed including in particular:
    1. Use of personal protective equipment for transit in common areas;
    2. Installation of sanitizer dispenser at the root of each floating dock;
    3. Limitation of input-unit-output movements;
    4. Prohibition of gatherings on the quay;
    5. Respect for the social distancing measure (1 meter).

    To follow, the updated general situation in Sardinia, in other parts of Italy, with a special focus on the Med, and some news from the Caribbean in this delicate phase.


    18th May:
    - reopening of shops of all kinds
    - it will no longer be necessary to have self-certification to move around the island for Sardinian residents
    - residents can go to the beach for a walk, a swim and for fishing

    21st May:
    - reopening of Eccelsa general aviation Olbia for private flights
    1st June:
    - reopening of commercial airports for flights in territorial continuity for Milan and Rome, Alghero and Olbia - WE ARE WAITING FOR NEWS ABOUT PROCEDURES AND CHECK UPON ARRIVAL
    15th June:
    - reopening of domestic flights with the exclusion of airports where a strong presence of the virus is still confirmed
    25th June:
    - opening of international flights, all with a strict protocol for entrance such as a passport health.

    Opening of hotels, restaurants and clubs in Sardinia
    The situation seems developing positively for this summer and finally different important brands in Costa Smeralda are announcing their next opening dates. Marriott Hotels (Cala di Volpe, Romazzino, Pitrizza and Cervo Hotel will be opening by the end of June - beginning July - dates to be confirmed)
    Forte Village Resort in South Sardinia will be opening by the beginning of June
    Most of other hotels will be opening between the beginning of June and  mid June 
    Opening dates of most famous restaurants and clubs in Costa Smeralda are still to be confirmed, however rumors say that a possible opening date for Phi Beach restaurant and club, should be set for mid June. Most of other restaurants in coast will be opening by the mid June. Billionaire club will be finally opening for the summer, but there are no official dates yet.
    For what concerns Italy, please keep in mind that each Italian Region can vary the restriction measures following the trend of the virus spread which is locally monitored.


    Within the Region moving is now allowed without any limit, and “self – declaration” is no longer required.  As far as yacht movement is concerned, it is possible to move between ports along the Region, and the “emergency reasons” are no longer required. However, since local authorities could issue different measures, we suggest to contact us or your local agent ahead of your arrival, for getting the proper indication. Moving from one Region to another one will be allowed only starting from the 3rd June.
    Bars, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, beach clubs, retail activities reopen by the 18th of May in the respect of the rules issued to avoid the spread of the virus: this means 1 mt minimum social distance between people, masks to wear indoors, hand sanitizing gel dispensers everywhere. At the beach 3 mt distance between beach umbrellas.  All events involving gatherings keep on being forbidden.

    25th May - Pools and gyms will be restarting

    15th June – Cinemas and theatres reopening

    CREW EMBARKING / DISEMBARKING – measures up to 02/06
    Schengen borders are closed, anyway seafarers can join the boat for “working reasons”.

    Crew embarking must be previously approved by the Health Port Authority through a self- declaration of good health. Before getting onboard, it is required a self- isolation period of 14 days long onboard or on the territory (hotel/flat). Quarantine can be avoided in the case the Covid-19 swab test is done before embarking and gives “negative” result (no virus evidence). Disembarking must be also approved by the Health Port Authority accordingly with the procedures currently in force.
    Genoa and surrounding areas
    Going into the specifics of the situation in Genoa and the surrounding area, starting from the 18th of May, travelling within the region is allowed without specific reasons. That includes also the crew members (Europeans or non-Eu in possession of the shore pass issued by the Immigration Police) who, as anybody else, are not requested anymore to fill in the self declaration with their personal data and trip details. 
    Moreover, the President of the Region has decided also for an early opening of all businesses such as gyms, hair salons, shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. who will comply with safety restrictions imposed by the World Health Organization (social distancing, masks, sanitation, etc.). The use of masks and individual safety devices for everybody, both indoor and outdoor, are compulsory for everybody.
    Finally, we are glad to inform you that from the 18th of May the Marina of Portofino will be open and ready to welcome yachts, crew members and guests.  
    In Genoa quarantine for crew is not compulsory anymore if boarding directly the yacht. Genoa border police is regularly proceeding with boarding /disembarkment operations for crew EXTRA UE with consequent stamp in/OUT on their passports. 

    Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Lazio 
    In Tuscany, as per Italian decree, till the 3rd of June the movements within the same region are allowed, while to another region or outside the region are allowed only for technical reasons. In case of boats coming from outside the region of Tuscany a letter explaining the reason for arrival is required.
    In Lazio same as above apply. LPS and healthy certificates are required for clearance upon arrival.

    Adriatic (Venezia, Pesaro) 
    Yachts are allowed to arrive. Crews will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. Body temperature will have to be checked at the hospital. 

    Bari, Brindisi, Otranto, Gallipoli 
    No arrival of yachts accepted at the moment.

    Sicily has been one the few Italian Regions, togheter with Calabria,  almost totally free from Covid-19 contagion. In fact, the index of sick people on the total population has been always very low.
    Sicilians have kept a rigid attitude towards the rules to avoid further contagion and therefore they have had very good results: there are islands, such as Egadi, Ustica, Pantelleria, Aeolians Islands - excepted Salina with 6 positive cases - where NO cases of Covid-19 have been found.
    From the 18th of May, Sicily, as well as other Italian regions, is starting to open up its borders, accepting private boats, but only in few locations and only for technical reasons, but requiring quarantine, with the expception of Riposto not accepting private boats in. Generally the whole island is awaiting the 3rd of June to open definitely as per Italian national decree. 


    From the 11th May till the 1st June, in France there will be the following changes:
    - Cruising, anchoring and stopping for all boats, is limited to 54 nautical miles from their “home port” or their “home buoy”. Within the 54 nautical miles, stopping into another port and embarking passengers will follow the regulations of mainland (100 km from the residency) or in case of technical problem of the boat.
    - Any boat is not allowed to have onboard and embark more than 10 people
    - Boats arriving from “NO Schengen” countries are not allowed into French waters for anchoring or entering any port, they can only transit.
    - All the boats transiting into French waters have to report to the closest “Semaphore” their health situation at VHF 10 or 16.
    - Chartering not admitted until July
    No quarantine is required to enter France from Eu or Schengen country or UK

    Port is still closed. Yacht movement is allowed only into the internal water and for Monaco flag boats or for boats having their “home berth” in the port.

    The new restrictions apply throughout the national scope, regardless of the phase in which each territory is.
    • Cruise ships, no matter their origin port, are still not allowed.
    • The entrance of recreational boats, not having their base port in Spain, is not allowed in any Spanish port.
    Please note:  All the yachts with only crew on board are exempt from this restriction.
    • Yachts movements to shipyards or any kind of location dedicated to maintenance, refit or trading activities can be released.
    Please note: Movements must be communicated in advance to the Authorities and can only be carried out by crew or professionals.
    • In those territories, still in PHASE 0, this kind of movements will be allowed only when carried out by yacht's owners and only in the same municipality where he/she resides.

    • Barcelona
    • Palma de Mallorca
    • Menorca
    • Ibiza
    • Gran Canaria
    • Madrid
    • Malaga
    • Sevilla
    • Lanzarote
    • Fuerteventura
    • Tenerife Sur
    • Alicante
    • Valencia

    • Barcelona
    • Palma de Mallorca
    • Bilbao
    • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
    • Malaga

    Please note: Travel restrictions are still on,  and the entrance of foreign people is limited to:
    • People having their first place of residence in Spain
    • Owners of a long-term visa
    • Cross-border workers

    This order has validity until June 15th included.

    Yachts arrival is allowed. 14 days of quarantine for the crew on board is compulsory. 

    On the 21st of May, the Prime Μinister and the Μinister of Τourism announced news about the restart of tourism in three phases:
    PHASE 1: 25/05/2020
    Domestic yachting opens for all yachts with any flag, that are already in Greece. 
    PHASE 2: 15/06/2020
    Release of flights from abroad only to Athens international airport.  
    Release of visitors from countries with no epidemiological characteristics.
    Hotels, also, will be open. 
    PHASE 3: 01/07/2020
    Release of all flights from abroad to all the airports. 
    Release of visitors from all countries. (Countries with epidemiological characteristics will be excluded.) 

    As per 21/05 port remains closed for now until further notice, no official date yet.  

    All ports and marinas are fully OPEN. No more quarantine for inbound crew/guests.
    Companies and private aircraft crew members arriving from outside of SCHENGEN area must provide GENERAL DECLARATION AND PASSENGER NAMES LIST (EU regulation 2016/339 of 09. March 2017 Annex VI, 2.3.1.).
    Croatia has the following international airports on the coastline, where private jets can land (going from South to North) where private jets can land.

     - Dubrovnik
     - Brac island (has a slightly shorter runway than the other international airports on the list)
    - Split
    - Zadar
    - Krk island (called airport of Rijeka)
    - Pula
    Croatia Airlines is slowly putting back online its international flights.  At the present the only international flight is Zagreb - Frankfurt - Zagreb. 
    Domestic flights Zadar - Split - Dubrovnik are back online, all are going to and from Zagreb.
    Reminder : no quarantine period  for crew nor guests is requested anymore in Croatia.


    As of 20 May: three SVG seaports REMAIN OPEN (all Saint Vincent, not the Grenadines)
    The head of SVG Public Health has (March 30th, 15h00) informed that ANY arriving vessels must have crew and guests on board. 

    Only EU flagged private yachts can come in. Commercial yachts are allowed for commercial operations on a stop & go basis (fuel/provisioning), but no passengers are allowed.
    Confinement of 14 days applies to anyone incoming. The government has started to ease the procedure for locals with a covid test upon arrival, once the result is available, passsengers have the option to confine with their family or to go to the confinement centers (e.g. hotels).
    Crew can leave via FDF to Paris CDG going direct from their yacht (or from an incoming private aircraft) to the airport. Crew can come in via commercial or private flights to the airport and board directly a private flight to leave. 
    Grenada has officially re-opened its Seaports to allow yachts entry into the country.  ALL yachts are welcome to Grenada. 
    Note: ALL yachts will have to meet a number of requirements and follow strict health protocols. These will be published imminently by the Marine and Yachting Association of Grenada ( MAYAG) in collaboration with the Grenada Ports Authority. Offcial documents no ready yet, therefore resuming it will be:
    Mandatory quarantine offshore for a period of 14 days BEFORE being allowed entry into approved boatyards and marinas.
    Daily yacht arrivals will be communicated on VHF radio to Port Louis Marina and the Royal Grenada Police Force.
    On arrival in Grenada's waters, yachts and crew  will be processed, screened by the Ministry of Health and placed in quarantine offshore.
    No crewmembers will be allowed to come ashore during this period.
    Yacht operators and teams interacting with the yachts must wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment including face masks.
    All major testing, which will be paid for by the crew, will be conducted by the Ministry of Health onboard the yacht, at the END of the quarantine period.
    Formal clearance will be given by Customs and Immigration, only AFTER the Ministry of Health confirms a COVID-19 NEGATIVE test and issues a formal laboratory result. 
    Provisioning of the yachts will be managed by MAYAG.

    V.C. Bird International Airport will officially open on June 1st,  2020, and will welcome its first international flight on June, 4th 2020 under new guidelines. Safety protocols for international travelers will be announced by the government in the coming weeks ahead, and this includes protocols that will be implemented for all businesses in the tourism sector.
    With regards to the current curfew and protocols in place, here's what you need to know; Antigua and Barbuda is still under curfew from 9pm-5am. Residents are allowed to go to the beach for therapeutic reasons between the hours of 5am-7pm daily, except on public holidays. Supermarkets, hardware stores, retail stores, beauty salons and other businesses are currently permitted to operate within the allotted curfew time, although restaurants are open for takeout only. Gyms, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues remain closed.
    The port is  now officially open for yachts to enter, however the government is still working out the protocols for this.  

    On Thursday, April 30th 2020,  France President Macron accepted to rise the lockdown in Saint-Barth as of May 11th 2020.
    All businesses, including bars and restaurants, will be able to resume their activity as per this date, respecting the barrier gestures and the precautionary measures specific to each sector. 
    Certain activities could and are still prohibited, such as nightclubs, and other activities incompatible with social distancing. 
     The Collectivity is also looking into launching a generalized screening campaign.
     As a reminder, Saint-Barth has no more active cases of Covid-19 since April 21, and no more cases detected since March 26.
    The Island authorities and Harbor Master Ernest Brin are looking  to welcome Yachts to the Island case by case and under the following conditions defined by the Cabinet du Préfet and Gustavia Port authorities.
    The plan is that each Yacht must respect a quarantine at anchor of 14 days, that will start 24h after leaving their last port of call.
    During quarantine all operations between land and the vessel have to be operated by a local agent:
    Motor Yacht or Sailing Yacht will be required to have a local agent to process inbound and outbound formalities on their behalf.  The Agent will be held responsible with the observance of the protocols: 
    No yacht tenders will be allowed to enter the port or access any of the beaches during quarantine.
    All provision needs must be handled by the agent and delivered directly to the Yachts at sea during the quarantine. All waste and garbage will also have to be collected at sea during quarantine period.
    Once quarantine is over, vessels will be able to access to the docks and Island, respecting social distancing and diverse sanitary restrictions requested by the local businesses and local authorities.

    For the moment, Vessels are being permitted to come into Sint Maarten (Philipsburg) for fueling/provisioning, and are being permitted to stay on with special permission.

    St.Kitts & Nevis currently have NO cases of Covid 19 on either island.  Borders are currently closed. There has been no indication from  Government Officials as to when or how they will re-open the borders.
    Most probably everything will happen after St Kitts general elections, which are scheduled for 5th June 2020.

    The BVI just lifted it's 24 hour curfew two weeks ago. Ports are currently closed to all entrants. When they do reopen, it will be for nationals and residents only. 

    Borders are still closed.
    16 cases on the Island and all have been recovered.
    In regards of borders and businesses reopening, Dominica have a tourism task force together with a regional consultancy in place worrking on a plan. 
    We will make sure to give all necessary advises and defined news as soon as possible. Stay tuned on our social pages too, but definitely we can't wait to welcome you all very soon to our island in total safety!

    Nautica Assistance Team
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