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    ADVANCED MARINE Log Book Running log

    €95.00 net price
    Advanced Marine Logistics, a captain and first officer partnership with 30 years experience in the industry, teamed up with one of the United States most esteemed printing houses to manufacture a new range of logs for the yachting industry. Starting with the Running Log and expanding into a series consisting of a Captain's Journal, Anchor Watch Log and an Engineers Maintenance Log. Not only functional and durable, these hardbound logbooks are stylish enough to display. We also offer custom logo personalization.

    AERE' Valve key for Bravo 2000/2001/2004/2005/VA100

    €9.90 net price

    ARMARE FENDER BRAID Rope 14mm White

    €2.53 net price
    Rope suitable for fenders. Fender Braid is a supple and resistant rope, and has a good knot retention.

    DANFORTH Anchor Kg.6 Galvanized

    €28.92 net price
    Danforth anchors are great anchors in sandy or muddy bottoms as they rely on penetrating the sand or mud to grip.

    MARCO EM1/2 Set stainless steel trumpets - 13206013

    €127.00 net price
    Single electromagnetic horn with stainless steel trumpet. Powerful acoustic unit carefully protected and manufactured of non-corrosive materials, complete with fixing hardware. 24V

    Marine Flares Kit (within 50 NM)

    €146.00 net price

    MZ Electric Foot Switch White/Red Down

    €16.00 net price
    Perfectly watertight control for relays or other loads, which can be activated by the simple pressure of your foot. Perfect watertight execution- Max. loading: 4 A. Inox steel base. Fitted with a hinged thermoplastic crashproof flap cover in order to avoid fortuitous operation. Control button in sea water resistant silicon rubber. Available in grey or white

    Polyform A3 Fender

    €56.64 net price
    White sferical fender with blue cap A3 size

    Polyform F3 Fender

    €55.20 net price
    White cylindric fender with blue caps F3 size

    QUICK Hand Helds HRC 1002L

    €110.00 net price
    Current capacity of contacts 4 A Torch supply voltage 6 ÷ 30 Vdc Torch power absorption 100 mA Max Operating temperature -15°C ÷ +70°C (-5°F ÷ +158°F) Protection rating IP67

    ACCON 202-10C Cleat Pop Up

    €18.81 net price
    ACCON 202-10C Cleat Pop Up

    ANNIN Bahamas Marine Ensign 4x6'

    €54.51 net price

    ARMARE FENDER BRAID Rope 10mm Blue Navy

    €1.42 net price
    Rope suitable for fenders. Fender Braid is a supple and resistant rope, and has a good knot retention.

    LOPOLIGHT 2nm 135° stern light

    €271.13 net price
    301-006 135° stern light, single, vertically mounted

    LOPOLIGHT 301-002 2nm 112,5°

    €208.99 net price
    112,5° port sidelight, single, vertically mounted