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    Nautic Clean 13 Pro - Cut Lt.1

    €35.20 net price
    Professional polish, new generation, based on abrasive POLYGRADTM micro-crystals. Designed for heavy cut, P13 PRO-CUT is suitable for polishing dull and chalky gelcoats and paints. Lt. 1

    Nautic Clean 11 Pro - Ultra Fine Lt.1

    €35.20 net price
    Professional polish, new generation, based on abrasive POLYGRADTM micro-crystals. P11 PRO - ULTRA FINE is a finishing polish for gelcoats and paints in excellent or new shape. Lt. 1

    Nautic Clean 12 Pro - Medium Lt.1

    €35.20 net price
    Professional polish, new generation, based on abrasive POLYGRADTM micro-crystals. Developed to restore dull gelcoats and paints. Lt. 1

    3M Perfect-It III 09376 Machine Polish - 1 lt

    €39.40 net price
    3M’s highest-performing machine polish for removing ultrafine swirl marks

    3M Perfect-It Extra Fine Plus Compound 80349 Lt. 1

    €49.60 net price
    Remove fine sanding and coarser compound scratches Use to remove orange peel Designed for standard 2K paints Removes orange peel

    3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Compound 50417 lt.1

    €43.60 net price
    Get a perfect gloss finish, quickly and efficiently, with 3M™ Perfect-It™ Fast Cut Plus Compound. Fast cutting liquid abrasive removes 3M 260L P1200 or P1500 abrasive discs or 3M microfine 1500 and 2000 wet sanding paper scratches from refinished or original paintwork. Achieve a fast cut-rate performance Get a superior high gloss finish Clean up quickly and easily Easy to see when job is completed. Low sling

    3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax 250gr.

    €30.50 net price
    Easy Application for Water and Land This innovative paste wax applies easily, covers well and polishes quickly either by hand or with a buffer. It is ideal for marine applications, including surfaces such fiberglass gelcoat, marine topside paints and painted surfaces. Gr. 250

    3M 28991 Pad Oil Absorber HP-156

    €1.18 net price
    3M Petroleum Sorbent Pad HP-156, Environmental Safety Product, High Capacity, 100 ea/cs. 19 inch X 17 inch.

    3M Doodlebug 8440 Pad White

    €3.84 net price
    Specially designed for delicate surfaces and light cleaning such as windows, ceramic-tile walls, floors and swimming pools

    3M Doodlebug 8242 Pads Blue medium duty

    €3.90 net price
    118 mm x 254 mm - Premium quality thick blue scrubbing pad offers excellent medium-duty cleaning and scrubbing effect, flexible and able to conform to uneven surfaces.

    3M Doodlebug 8541 Pads Brown

    €3.74 net price
    Premium quality thick brown scrubbing & stripping pad is highly durable, and consistently offers an excellent stripping effect (wet or dry) throughout the long product life time.

    3M Heavy Duty Duct Tape 3939

    €18.80 net price
    3M Heavy Duty Duct Tape 3939 has a unique construction that allows for permanent and temporary applications. 48mm x 54.8m (1.88 po X 60v).

    AWLGRIP Awlcare Protetive Polymer Sealer 73240 1/2 G

    €99.00 net price
    73240 1/2 G - Awlcare is a protective polymer sealer formulated to protect and remove mild stains from Awlgrip topcoats. Contains no harsh abrasives and will not scratch the painted surface, Leaves a non-yellowing protective polymer coating which lasts through multiple washings, Removes mild stains such as water spots and diesel soot, Increases resistance to attack from acid rain and other environmental pollutants

    AWLGRIP Awlwash 73234 1 Gallon

    €75.00 net price
    Formulated specifically for Awlgrip, Awlwash is a wash down concentrate formulated to safely clean all Awlgrip topcoats. 100% biodegradable, Free rinsing formula leading to faster drying, Does not contain alkalis, acids or abrasives 1 Gallon

    CLIN'AZUR 205 SI Hull & deck cleaner 1 Lt.

    €14.48 net price
    Functions: - Cleans. - Degrease. - Renew. - Respect the supports.


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