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    STAR BRITE Premium Cleaner Wax 1000ml 89632IF

    €35.30 net price
    STAR BRITE Premium Cleaner Wax 1000ml The easy way to remove chalk and oxidation while leaving a durable, protective coating

    STAR BRITE Salt-Off 93922GF

    €14.16 net price
    STAR BRITE Salt-Off 93922GF 0.65Lt Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor, Ready for use

    STAR BRITE Vinyl Polish 91016

    €18.76 net price
    STAR BRITE Vinyl Polish 91016 A revolutionary new formula unlike any other vinyl cleaner, protectant or treatment. Cleans, shines and protects all kinds and colors of vinyl. Leaves a long lasting, waterproof protective coating. Keeps vinyl soft and supple, prevents drying out and cracking. 500ml

    STAR BRITE Black Streak Remover 1Gallon 71600

    €48.98 net price
    STAR BRITE Black Streak Remover 1Gallon 71600 The quickly, easy way to remove black streak from fiberglass, vinyl, metal and painted surfaces

    STAR BRITE Rain View 88708

    €16.67 net price
    STAR BRITE Rain View 88708 Improves wet weather visibility through windshield and windows. Use on glass and plastic. Heavy rain and wet weather can result in limited visibility through windshields and windows. Star brite Rain View is the effective solution to this annoying and potentially dangerous situation.

    STAR BRITE Deck Cleaner non Skid 85932 32oz

    €15.21 net price
    Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is the most effective and easiest way to clean textured fiberglass or painted decks. 32Oz

    CLEANTOOLS Purple PVA Towel Absorber

    €17.20 net price
    CLEANTOOLS Purple PVA Towel Absorber Purple colour

    AWLGRIP Awlwash 2.0 73235 1 Gallon

    €75.00 net price
    Formulated specifically for Awlgrip, Awlwash is a wash down concentrate formulated to safely clean all Awlgrip topcoats. 100% biodegradable, Free rinsing formula leading to faster drying. 1 Gallon

    ZEP 40 NEW

    €14.00 net price
    Detergent for glass and hard surfaces. Ideal for all washable surfaces. Dries rapidly, leaving surfacesunusually shiny and streak-free, eve when used at low temperatures. Product can damage certain plastic and computer screens.

    PERMANON Universal Cleaning PS Paste 125gr

    €26.00 net price
    The cleaning paste PS Universal is a real power pack for stubborn, crusted contaminations and dried in soilings on sensitive and durable surfaces.

    Simple Green Cleaner Concentrate 1G

    €61.84 net price
    Simple Green Cleaner is a powerful, all-purpose cleaning and degreasing without harsh chemicals.

    SPRAY 9 Cleaner Refill 26901 1G

    €22.89 net price
    Spray 9 is a professional-grade cleaner and disinfectant that removes all types of dirt, grease, grime and stains 1 Gallon

    STAR BRITE Inflatable boat/fender cleaner 83416 500Ml

    €20.36 net price
    Star Brite 83416 Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner / Protector 16 oz. Bottle. Heavy duty formula removes dirt, grime, scuff marks and oxidation stains. 500 ml

    CLIN'AZUR 112 Oil & Diesel Fuel Spill Dispersant 5Lt.

    €106.32 net price
    Fast acting and complete elimination of oil spills in harbours, at sea. High emulsifying power. For dosage, refer to our technical data sheet available on request to your retailer.

    CLIN'AZUR 136 Grey waters treatment 1Lt.

    €37.47 net price
    Functions: - Stops bad smells. - Degrade and liquefies oils, organic and vegetal greases.


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