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    BLUE MARINE New Gum Cream ml.450

    €14.85 net price
    New Gum cream polishes and protects all neoprene and PVC surfaces of any inflatable boat from UV rays and yellowing. It prevents thickness increase. High performance and long lasting.

    BLUE MARINE Rust 1Kg

    €21.00 net price
    Abrasive cleaner & polish for fiberglass and stainless steel

    BLUE MARINE Shmuffex 0.75kg

    €15.80 net price
    Universal marine mildew remover

    BLUE MARINE Unico 1Lt.

    €18.20 net price
    Fiberglass boat powder cleaner

    PERMANON Universal Cleaning PS Paste 125gr

    €26.00 net price
    The cleaning paste PS Universal is a real power pack for stubborn, crusted contaminations and dried in soilings on sensitive and durable surfaces.

    Bonaire HN10AL Hose nozzle

    €43.10 net price
    Bonaire HN10AL Hose nozzle

    ZEP 40 NEW

    €14.00 net price
    Detergent for glass and hard surfaces. Ideal for all washable surfaces. Dries rapidly, leaving surfacesunusually shiny and streak-free, eve when used at low temperatures. Product can damage certain plastic and computer screens.


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