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    ZEP Radiant 7-11

    €20.00 net price
    Lt.1 - Non-Acid Detergent & Polish for Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, and washable surfaces.

    CLIN'AZUR 202 Oxalic acid 5Kg.

    €58.73 net price
    Functions: - Cleans, degreases and bleaches the teak. - Can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner and deoxidizer.

    CLIN'AZUR 202 Oxalic acid 1 kg

    €15.14 net price
    Functions: - Cleans, degreases and bleaches the teak. - Can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner and deoxidizer.

    FLITZ 03515 Metal Polish

    €30.75 net price
    150g (5.29oz) Metal, Plastic & Fiberglass Polish

    STAR BRITE 85132 Premium Golden Teak Oil - STEP 3

    €35.30 net price
    NET 32 U.S. fl. oz. / 946ml Star brite Premium Golden Teak Oil is the finest sealer/preserver/finish for marine teak and other fine woods

    STAR BRITE Mildew Stain Remover 85616

    €17.20 net price
    Removes mildew stain from Vinyl seats, Cushions, Tops and Covers 22 Oz

    STAR BRITE Rust Stain Remover 089222

    €18.30 net price
    Rust Stain Remover is the best way to eliminate unsightly rust stains from boats, RVs, exterior walls of homes or wherever else they may form.

    SHURHOLD Rayon String Mop 118

    €26.70 net price
    #118 - Better than cotton! This all purpose mop made of rayon, which holds more liquid than cotton. Like all of our attachments, this mop snaps into any Shurhold Handle.

    SHURHOLD Handle Extension 103H

    €16.94 net price
    #103 - Go even farther! This 30" extension to your Shurhold Handle will allow you to reach even the tallest features of your boat without having to climb up!

    SHURHOLD Curved Adapter 102CH

    €19.02 net price
    #102 - Scrub the crown of your vertical surfaces easily with this unique adapter. It's 10" with a 30 degree angle, allowing you to change the angle of your brush to scrub the hardtop, waterline, and more

    SHURHOLD Threaded Adapter 101

    €10.12 net price
    #101 - This adaptor allows you to use screw on attachments that aren't compatible with the SHUR-LOK System.

    SHURHOLD Swivel Pad Combo 1710C

    €35.71 net price
    #1710C - Transform your Shurhold Handle into an extendible wash mitt to reach even the most difficult areas! Perfect for cleaning any high up windows or fixtures.

    SHURHOLD Synthetic Lambs Wool Cover 1710

    €14.76 net price
    #1710 - This soft synthetic wool cover fits the Shurhold Swivel Pad Base and can be used to wash windows, gelcoat, paint, and more! Slips right on with a handy locking flap to keep the pad secure.

    SHURHOLD Stainless Steel Sqeegee 1408

    €24.79 net price
    #1408 - Prevent water spots and dry like a pro! Our traditional stainless hardware squeegees use the SHUR-LOK system to fit any of our Shurhold Handles.

    SHURHOLD 10 Inch Deck Brushes 990

    €43.27 net price
    #990 - Stiff - The biggest brush for the biggest jobs! Built to Shurhold's famous quality standards, these 10 inch (25 cm) deck brushes come in four textures and are compatible with any Shurhold handle.


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