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    Is your boat ready for this coming summer?
    If we win the fight against Covid-19 we won't be defeated by fouling organisms in the sea!

    No matter the size of your boat, what counts is to have it ready, beautiful and performing for its launch at sea.

    The only solution we propose to our clients in this case is Propspeed.
    Propspeed is a highly-effective foul release coating system for propellers and running gear. It's designed to increase a vessel's fuel efficiency and speed by forming a super-slick coating that fouling organisms like barnacles and weeds are not able to bond to. It works because it's slick and not toxic to marine life (unlike conventional antifouling coatings).

    Propspeed can be used on boats of all sizes and types—both commercial and recreational—including sailbboats, cruisers, sport-fishers, superyachts, patrol boats, tugboats, trawlers, and ferries. It's very effective on these and other underwater metal surfaces:

        • Shafts
        • Propellers
        • Rudders
        • Bow thrusters
        • Struts
        • Stabilizers
        • Trim tabs
        • Sail drives
        • Keel coolers
        • Sea strainers
        • Sea chests
        • Through hull fittings
    The big advantages of Prospeed:

    PROPSPEED is a system designed to protect metal parts under the water line. It reduces the possibility of algae and crustaceans from sticking to metal parts, and therefore helps to reduce consumption and increase speed.

    The growth of crustaceans and marine vegetation on the surface, especially of the propellers, causes resistance which leads to loss of performance. This is usually compensated by a greater demand for power and consequently in greater fuel consumption. By keeping the surface smooth and clean for a long time, PROPSPEED allows to obtain maximum propeller performance and a significant reduction in consumption.

    The combination of the adhesive properties of silicone with its high adhesion allows PROPSPEED to obtain maximum efficiency over a long period of time. This means that the surfaces can be treated less frequently, and this is particularly advantageous for boats planning to undertake long voyages or remain in the water during the winter months thus avoiding unnecessary costs for cleaning the propellers.

    PROPSPEED does not contain copper or zinc as well as it doesn't release any toxic elements into the water. Almost all the products for propeller treatments on the market today require the application of poisonous substances for marine organisms and crustaceans. The greater quantity of water hitting the propellers dispels the toxic bacteria, thus allowing the regrowth of the crustaceans almost immediately. 
    PROPSPEED works because it is slippery, not because it is toxic. Propspeed is the solution to the problem that has been torturing shipowners and commanders for years.
    Nautica Depot and NA Tech department are official suppliers and authorized expert applicators. So Nautica Assistance with its store and technical assistance represents the full package in Sardinia for any kind of consultancy on this matter in Sardinia.

    Do not hesitate to contact us at should you need any assistance or support.

    Na Depot, your Superyacht Marine Store in Sardinia.
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