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    June The 3rd: Italy Reopening Its Borders!

    From June the 3rd Italy reopens its borders. 


    We are thrilled to announce that Italy is preparing to reopen the borders with the rest of Europe. In the decree that will be launched in the next few hours by the government, the possibility is foreseen from June the 3rd of entering Italy from the countries of the European Union, the Schengen area including Switzerland and Monaco.

    For those who cross the borders, the mandatory quarantine with isolation of 14 days will no longer be necessary.

    On the other hand, the European Commission itself is coordinating the reopening of the borders of all the partners of the Union. The ECDC, the EU agency for diseases, will map the European territory and block the flow of travelers between areas with a high density of contagion. The other European partners are also expected to open borders on June the 3rd as a result of the Brussels recommendations.

    All external European borders with the rest of the world, remain closed at least until June 15th. In the middle of next month, the European Commission will decide whether to lift the blockade or extend it.

    Already several changes in the approach to the virus. The guidelines of the agreement between Italian government and regions for Phase 2 from May the 18th establish that the minimum interpersonal distance will fall to one meter (two only during physical activity in the gym).

    Even at the beach, the minimum distance between people is always one meter, but around each umbrella there must be 10 square meters, approximately 3 linear meters between one umbrella and another. Between beds and deckchairs, which must always be disinfected at every change of person and at the end of the day, the distance must be 1 meter and a half. Yes to rackets, swimming, surfing, while for team sports such as beach volleyball it will be necessary to respect the provisions of the higher authorities (at the moment they are still prohibited). For free beaches, the governement will rely on individual responsibility, but the presence of surveillance staff is suggested.

    Spas, hairdressers, barbers and beauticians: the use of masks without valve and protective visors for beauticians is mandatory. The use of sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool is prohibited. It will not be allowed to stay on the premises except for the time necessary for the service.



    Just few days ago, on May the 13th, the President of Sardinia Region Christian Solinas signed the ordinance for the reopening from Monday May 18 of shops of all kinds and personal care centers. In the regional ordinance were decided the below important deadlines of reopening for airport and ports, that will probably now anticipated to June the 3rd as per last Italian government decree:

    May the 18th:
    - reopening of shops of all kinds
    - reopening of general aviation for private flights
    - it will no longer be necessary to have self-certification to move around the island for Sardinian residents

    June the 1st:
    - reopening of commercial airport for flights in territorial continuity for Milan and Rome also from Alghero and Olbia

    June the 15th:
    - reopening of domestic flights with the exclusion of airports where a strong presence of the virus is still confirmed

    June the 25th
    - opening of international flights, all with a strict protocol for entrance such as a passport health.

    The great advantage for Sardinia has been having borders closed, back in March, at the beginning of the emergency. Certainly there will be a series of measures to manage health checks upon arrival of travelers in ports and aiports, precise protocols still to be defined.

    We will make sure to give all necessary advises and defined news as soon as possible. Stay tuned on our social pages too, but definitely we can't wait to welcome you all very soon to our island in total safety!

    Nautica Assistance Team

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