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    AWLGRIP Topcoat Reducer Standard Spray T0003 1/4G

    €33.00 net price
    AWLGRIP Topcoat Reducer Standard Spray T0003 1/4G


    €77.00 net price

    AWLGRIP ALCAT 3 H3002 1/2G

    €285.00 net price
    AWLGRIP ALCAT 3 H3002 1/2G

    AWLGRIP AWLCAT 2 G3010 1/4G

    €130.00 net price
    AWLGRIP AWLCAT 2 G3010 1/4G Converter

    STAR BRITE Teak Oil Preserver 81600 1 Gallon

    €101.16 net price
    STAR BRITE Teak Oil Preserver 81600 • Seals and protects teak and other fine woods and contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist weathering • Makes teak look great • Safe and easy to use

    PROPSPEED Propstrip 1000ml

    €129.00 net price
    PROPSPEED Propstrip 1000ml Removes Propspeed etching primer and clear coat

    AWLGRIP Flattening Agent G3013 1/4G

    €64.00 net price
    Awlgrip Flattening Agent G3013 can be used with both Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 topcoats to achieve a flat or semi-gloss finish. A new formulation now brings improved product stability. Due to this change in formulation, we now recommend the use of T0003 reducer at temperatures of 20C, 68F or higher. G3013 Cf. 1/4G

    AWLGRIP Awlspar Reducer T0016 1/4G

    €32.00 net price
    Awlgrip reducer for Awlspar Varnish, T0016 is specially formulated for use with Awlspar Varnish M3131. Use to thin, reduce, or clean up after use. It should not be used in any urethane or epoxy coating.

    AWLGRIP Surface Cleaner T0340 1Gallon

    €48.00 net price
    General purpose surface cleaner used to wipe down substrates, finish primers and topcoats before and after sanding.

    AWLGRIP Reducer Epoxy T0006 1G

    €60.00 net price
    These reducers are the standard component to be used with most AwlGrip Epoxy primers when using a spray application.

    AWLGRIP Reducer Fast (Spray) T0001 1G

    €64.00 net price
    This reducer can only be used with AWLGRIP and AWLCRAFT 2000 in a spraying application when a fast drying time is desired.

    INTERNATIONAL Antifouling Ultra 300 Black Lt.5

    €479.00 net price
    Ultra 300 is ultimate hard antifouling by International, providing 1-year protection ideal for powerboats or any streamlined yacht, even in the harshest fouling conditions.

    JOTUN Antifouling NonStop Supreme Black 2,5Lt.

    €245.57 net price
    NonStop Supreme is Jotun's best antifouling ever for leisure yachts. This highly efficient self-polishing antifouling is based on special binders and provides an active surface that is continually renewed.

    Ospho Lt.1

    €15.00 net price
    Ospho is a rust-inhibiting coating for new ferrous or aluminum metals: remove dirt, grease, or oil. Apply OSPHO, let dry overnight, then paint. 1 Lt.

    JOTUN Vinyl Primer lt. 2,5

    €87.75 net price
    Primer for Sealing old Antifoulings. Lt. 2,5


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