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    FEIT Pressure Switch SP12E 12V

    €117.00 net price
    FEIT Pressure Switch SP12E 12V

    TECMA Invensys Solenoid 12V T-PF.P14/I

    €64.60 net price
    Compact Line

    TECMA WC BREEZE 12/24V Centralized

    €956.30 net price
    The Breeze collection is an original Tecma design. Smooth, round lines have been translated in a unique ‘homelike’ shape that combines seating comfort and ergonomics.

    TECMA WC EasyFit 12/24V with control panel ECO

    €614.55 net price
    The Easy Fit is already found on board many small yachts and tenders. With a compact design, exquisite china exterior and electric flush, the Easy Fit models are powerful performers.

    TECMA SOLENOID Valve 12V EasyFit T614

    €60.12 net price
    Tecma solenoids are made of brass with stainless steel gears. The standard solenoid is included in the package when ordering. The solenoid body is preassembled with a strainer filter.

    TECMA WC XLight 12/24V Carbon - Centralized

    €88217.80 net price
    The X-Light collection is an original Tecma design. The units are manufactured using top quality pre-preg carbon fibre for low weight and maximum rigidity. An advanced post cure treatment is applied, to guarantee the best structural integrity and aesthetic. While the basic colour is the black ‘carbon’ look, a large range of other colours is available on request. The marine toilet is specially designed for high performance sailing and motor yachts.