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    3M Marine Metal Restorer & Polish 09018 E 150Ml.

    €13.50 net price
    Used to restore and polish stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, aluminum and other marine metals Removes surface rust, oxidation, corrosion and tarnish

    3M Marine Finesse-It II Finishing Material 09048 E 1Lt.

    €17.80 net price
    Boat polish for use on topside paint and gel coat Removes scratches, swirl marks and light oxidisation Use as a final finishing step to restore a high-gloss, wet look shine Easy to apply

    3M Marine Conditioner & Protector for Vinyl Surfaces/Inflatables 09023 E 1Lt

    €22.93 net price
    Unique gel formula provides durable protection For exterior, as well as interior applications Gel formula gives you better application control than liquids

    3M Perfect-It Ultrafina SE Polish 50383 1Lt.

    €49.60 net price
    Get an exceptional high gloss blemish-free finish Work more efficiently thanks to quick, easy clean up Use a minimal sling, good handing product Good handling and excellent clean up

    3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Plus Compound 50417 lt.1

    €43.60 net price
    Get a perfect gloss finish, quickly and efficiently, with 3M™ Perfect-It™ Fast Cut Plus Compound. Fast cutting liquid abrasive removes 3M 260L P1200 or P1500 abrasive discs or 3M microfine 1500 and 2000 wet sanding paper scratches from refinished or original paintwork. Achieve a fast cut-rate performance Get a superior high gloss finish Clean up quickly and easily Easy to see when job is completed. Low sling

    3M Perfect-It Extra Fine Plus Compound 80349 Lt. 1

    €49.60 net price
    Remove fine sanding and coarser compound scratches Use to remove orange peel Designed for standard 2K paints Removes orange peel