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    INDEL Capacitor SP with connections TP39350 - SBD00066AA

    €417.66 net price
    INDEL Capacitor SP with connections TP39350 - SBD00066AA

    INDEL Control Unit Danfoss BD50F/BD80

    €286.99 net price
    INDEL Control Unit Danfoss BD50F/BD80

    INDEL Refrigerator CR100/V 12/24V 1100BA1AA0000

    €716.64 net price
    These units are the perfect complement to CRUISE refrigerators. The high-quality freezers ensure the perfect and constant temperature to deep-freeze food on board. Isotherm Cruise Freezers are designed to provide boaters with either a reliable, stand-alone deep freezer or to be paired with the same dimension refrigerator such as the Cruise 130 Refrigerator and the Cruise 90 Freezer or the Cruise 85 Refrigerator paired with the Cruise 63 Freezer. 1100BA1AA0000

    INDEL Complete Ceiling 12/24V SEC00003DA

    €23.74 net price
    INDEL Complete Ceiling 12/24V SEC00003DA

    INDEL Cooling Unit GE150 EV.P. 386x361mm TP2011 4G150BA100000

    €423.30 net price
    Isotherm Compact Air Cooled Marine Refrigeration Systems use air which is blown through the condenser by a fan as the traditional way to remove heat from a refrigerator or freezer. Air cooled systems are the most economical and easiest to install.  All Isotherm Compact Systems come complete and pre-charged. Each system is rated to refrigerate or freeze a specific volume so there's no guessing for what will work best for your boat! Systems range from 2 to 21 cubic feet. Installation is easy: simply mount the evaporator high in the box, connect the pre-charged plate and compressor, and connect power. Converting your old ice box into a modern refrigerator has'never easier. Ventilation is the key to good refrigeration: It is important that the compressor compartment is well ventilated allowing cool air to enter from below and warm air to escape at the top. Once installed, the age-old hassle of hauling ice will be over! Isotherm specializes in dependable, energy-efficient systems which are backed by the exclusive Isotherm 5-year warranty on all compressors so you'll have the confidence of knowing you have purchased the best! 4G150BA100000


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