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    AWLGRIP Awlspar Reducer T0016 1/4G

    €32.00 net price
    Awlgrip reducer for Awlspar Varnish, T0016 is specially formulated for use with Awlspar Varnish M3131. Use to thin, reduce, or clean up after use. It should not be used in any urethane or epoxy coating.

    AWLGRIP Reducer Epoxy T0006 1G

    €60.00 net price
    These reducers are the standard component to be used with most AwlGrip Epoxy primers when using a spray application.

    AWLGRIP Reducer Fast (Spray) T0001 1G

    €64.00 net price
    This reducer can only be used with AWLGRIP and AWLCRAFT 2000 in a spraying application when a fast drying time is desired.

    Jotun Thinner Nr. 7 1 Lt.

    €19.05 net price
    Jotun Thinner No. 7 is a paint thinner designed to improve the flow of a range of Jotun acrylic, vinyl and antifouling coatings.


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