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Sardinia Water Sports | Activities in Sardinia

The North West coast has been ready to deal with different requests. Possibilities of guided experiences with realiable instructors for adults and kids: kayak, windsurf, SUP, to experience the waves with a healthy rush of adrenaline!
If you are a sports and beach fan, Sardinia has so much to give you. Wind, sun, water and natural beauty together in a single location, will make you able to practice water sports, and experience great emotions in a breathtaking setting.


Immersioni Diving Center Sardegna | bluAlghero-Sardinia

Dive in the breathtaking sceneries offered by the backdrops of the North-West Sardinia accompanied by experienced guides, or to feel the emotion of the first underwater experience always followed by professionals instructors.
The dive sites in Alghero area are so many and you’ll have plenty of choices! An underwater theater that offers scuba diving opportunities at all levels, from beginners to cave divers.


birdwatching a bosa lungo il volo dei grifoni

Sardinia is an ideal location to practice birdwatching since it is home to more than 330 species of birds - some migratory, others permanently residents. To practice birdwatching, all you need is:
♦ the sites with the largest concentration of birds;
♦ binoculars;
♦ a guide to help you identify the species.Being accompanied by an expert of both birds and their habitat makes the experience more exciting. We will guide you in the places with the most abundant and rare species of birds! 



Paragliding made its appearance on the flight scene in the mid-1970s, when some Swiss mountaineers began using it to descend the peaks after conquering the summit. These experiments, however suggestive and of strong spectacular impact, remained isolated events until, in 1978, the paratroopers of Haute-Savoie, decided to use the caisson parachute for take-off on foot from the slope, in an attempt to free for all their launches from the use of the airplane. The first to make this kind of take-off were Claude Bétemps and Gérard Bosson who, in June, Mieussy, launched themselves using the strong updrafts of the cliff. On the occasion of a world parachuting rally, this practice went beyond the borders of Switzerland and France and spread all over the world.

TRY A TWO-SEATER PARAGLIDING FLIGHT: For many, the tandem flight is certainly, in most cases, the first flight experience, which can be lived a first and only time in life, or become an experience that will surely continue to thrill, so it is a must that it is the most beautiful and satisfying one can imagine. You will be accompanied in this wonderful experience by qualified pilots or carefully selected instructors who will not only make sure that the aerological conditions are optimal but will try to satisfy your expectations to the maximum by using only specially created and approved equipment to offer the passenger the highest level of safety. During the flight you can film the landscapes and take amazing photos. Try it, it will definitely be worth it.


Alla scoperta del Parco naturale di Porto Conte - Costa Smeralda

The Regional Park of Porto Conte, the Geo-Mineralogical-Environmental Park of Sardinia, the reserve of Mount Minerva, the Montresta crest are just some of the places where you can learn another way of travelling: a slow walk, more or less challenging, to discover the beauty of nature, its history and its most hidden aspects.We will guide you along little-known trails, reaching the starting point by jeep. Then, we will walk, hike, or climb along the route chosen together, based on your skills and desires.
Customised itinerary based on your requests and your level of hiking fitness. Qualified Nature Interpretive Guides and Walking Leaders. Always with us: binoculars, nature guide books and kits of the young explorer for children. Pick up service with the off-road vehicle with air conditioning.


Torre della Pegna - Alghero - Sardegna - Costa Ovest - YouTube

The excursion from Capo Caccia to Torre della Pegna takes about four hours. The distance to cover is quite short, but it becomes difficult, in some places, due to the lack of a well-defined path. Once you get to the mountain you can admire the beautiful tower of Aragonese origin, built on a cliff overlooking the sea of over 200 meters high. From here the view opens onto the bay of Porto Conte, Monte Timidone and its forest, Punta Cristallo and Capo Caccia. During the journey you can meet deer coming from the Reserve and griffons. Nearby there is also Cala Dragunare, ideal for a post-excursion swim!


Lotta continua a Capo Caccia e dintorni -

Adventure lovers will love this route! The Via Ferrata del Cabirol branches off between the Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia and the Porto Conte Natural Park, along the cliffs that form the border. It must be said that this is a route for expert hikers and is characterized by two traverses connected by a sequence of verticals. The first steel cable leads to the "great ledge" and is surrounded by junipers and Mediterranean scrub. A second cable will take you to an overhanging roof that protrudes for 15 meters. In a few minutes you will finally arrive at the vertical of 22 meters, the most difficult part of the route. Reached the "high ledge" the return path begins. Protective helmet, harness and double lanyard with heat sink must be worn.


Escursioni e gite via terra ad Alghero | Sa Mandra

It is a true joy to introduce tourists and visitors to the experience and wonders of horseback hikes through the country side. The centre’s horsers are all well trained for the selected tracks and excursions, and you can choose a horse to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a beginner looking for a calm introduction to riding, or an expert just wanting to gallop on the beach. The ride will be across the spectacular panoramic sand dunes of Porto Ferro, always surrounded by the beautiful and unique (Mediterranean maquis. It’s right next to Lago Baratz, the only natural lake on the island. Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to catch the Italian sunsets while on horse back with friends and family. The vision of a vanishing sun into the ocean and the gentle breaking of the waves is truly a magical must see when visiting Sardinia. Come and create memories with your loved ones that you will never forget!


Riviera del Corallo off-road

This excursion is one of our best seller product, not by chance it is called Riviera del Corallo, precisely because it highlights all the beauty of the Alghero area and the Porto Conte Park. Departure from Alghero at 9.30 am, after about 5 km of cycle path along the coast road that connects Alghero to Fertilia, then we will take our first off-road path, the first trail is a fire-break road that will help us to get a bit of confidence with the bike and then we will enter into a wonderful singletrack inside the Arenosu valley to reach the characteristic Nuragic Palmavera complex, from here a panoramic ascent with a view of the Baja di Conte that will allow us to reach the summit of Monte Doglia. After a short tutorial on the use of MTB , we will face the first negative drop of the day, here depending on the technical level we will be able to decide which type of route to choose, in a few minutes we will be in the splendid pinewood of Mugoni where we will see some suggestive coves, pedaling we will arrive at our first stop! Then we will ride for about 2 km towards the entrance of Punta Giglio, natural area of the Porto Conte Regional Park. This promontory is one of the most evocative places not only in the Northwest of Sardinia, reaching the top we will be at about 60m above the sea, the WOW effect is insured, here we will visit the barracks, the ammunition depot and all the fortifications of the second world war, the guide will give you some historical note that will surely arouse your attention. Finished our visit to Punta Giglio, we have time to explore all the most beautiful beaches in the area, including the stop at the beach of Lazzaretto, where you can have lunch.


Bici e natura, in sella nei parchi | SardegnaTurismo - Sito ufficiale del  turismo della Regione Sardegna

This excursion is preferred by families, in fact it is completely inside the natural forest of Porto Conte where children and adults can make happy encounters with the animal species of the park, for example white donkeys, Sardinian horses, fallow deer, goats, partridges, but above all it is possible to admire the majestic flight of the Griffins.The start is on an easy, non-demanding dirt road where, after a few kilometers of gentle ascent, take a path that leads us to the top of Monte Timidone, about 400m. above sea level, from here the view is incredible, a 360 ° view will leave you speechless, obviously a break is a must to eat a snack and take some pictures. But the funniest part is the time of the descent, in fact after some suggestions and technical details on the use of the bike you take the path of the most panoramic Mount to reach the majestic and suggestive Cala Barca, here we are at about 120mt. overlooking the sea, and in front of us the visual effect of the Isola Piana will leave us with breathless. We continue with our ride in search of small beaches in the Porticciolo area and then return to the starting point.

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