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Tours and Main Attractions


Alghero | SardegnaTurismo - Sito ufficiale del turismo della Regione  Sardegna

Historians date the origin of the city of Alghero to the 1st half of the XI century at the hands of the powerful Doria family from Genoa who decided to fortify what was then a little fishing village. They were soon to find themselves battling against a series of constant enemy incursions because this small village in actual fact stood in a strategic and important position, fundamental to commercial activity throughout the whole of the Mediterranean. The city remained under the influence of Genoa until 1353 when it fell to the domain of the Catalan-Aragonese, and to this day the Catalan influence is still very much present and can be admired in the architecture of its churches, buildings and fortifications.


Castelsardo, il cuore medievale della Sardegna | SiViaggia

The little town of Castelsardo is situated on a rocky peak with sheer cliffs that face the Gulf of Asinara and is one of the oldest historical town centres of Sardinia, with its tight and tiny cobbled streets. It was probably founded in 1002 by the Doria family and the whole hamlet was dominated by a castle which was once called Castel-Doria and later renamed Castel-Aragonese when it was conquered by the Aragonese in 1448.


Alghero, la necropoli di Anghelu Ruju - Sardinia Low Cost

The Domus de Janas Anghelu Ruju is a Pre-Nauraghic necropolis site made up of some 37 tombs dug into the sandstone earth. The principal part of the graves that have been excavated trace back to the period that spans from 3300 to 2900 B.C. the site was discovered at the beginning of the 1900s. It is one of the most vast necropolis in Sardinia.


Villaggio Nuragico Palmavera XVI-VIII sec. a.C | Alghero Turismo

The Nauragic site of Palmavera is situated at about 12km from Alghero. It is considered a complex Nuraghe and consists of two towers surrounded by a defensive wall, a meeting hut and tiny village of about 50 huts spread out in a circular pattern.
The site was built in three successive stages: the first can be placed at between 1600 and 1300 B.C., the second between 1300 and 1150 B.C., and the last between 1150 and 900 B.C. The first archaeological excavation began in 1905, but it was only
between 1976 and 1989 that the most important exploration of the site took place. The main part of the objects recovered from the site are today exhibited at the G.A. Sanna Musuem in Sassari.


The Neptune's Caves in Alghero | bluAlghero-Sardinia

The Grotte di Nettuno are situated in the protected marine area of Capo Caccia near Alghero and attract thousands of visitors each year. The grottos can be reached by both land, by means of a steep flight of stairs consisting of precisely 659 steps which
were built in 1954 and are known as the “Escala del Cabirol”, and by sea by means of ferry from the nearby port of Alghero.


SARDEGNA TOUR con ASINARA in 4x4 - 23/30 maggio 2021 - 8gg - I Viaggi di  Annamaria

All our tours are organised according to the principles of sustainable tourism: we value local culture and products; we emphasise the naturalistic aspects linked to the conservation of plants and animals; in no way, we disturb or harm animals and the
environment. Every group is accompanied by our environmental interpreters: not amateur guides, but experts with deep knowledge of the territory from every point of view (naturalistic, cultural, historical, mythological, and enogastronomical), which let you discover the multiple facets of Sardinia.
Explore the hinterland and the surrounding of Alghero on paths away from the busy tourist routes and immerse yourself in a very different atmosphere from those of the Catalan town and its beaches.

During your tour:
♦ Admire nature, breathtaking landscapes and wild animals.
♦ Go along the ancient streets of shepherds on board of our jeep.
♦ Discover the island’s flora up-close and its traditional uses in the Sardinian shamanism.
♦ Immerse yourself in the traces of the famous but still mysterious Nuragic civilisation.
♦ Relax on a secluded beach having a toast with a delicious local wine.


Arriva la primavera, la magia delle farfalle sarde - La Nuova Sardegna  Sassari

The Biosphere hosts more than 400 butterflies, tropical plants and insects. Have a wonderful day surrounded by the green of this park, swimming in the pools. Besides the Tropical Biosphere, there are two playgrounds for kids, two swimming pools, two bars, a restaurant and a pizzeria. It is possible to spend the night in confortable rooms.