e coast

from Orosei Gulf to Muravera

Rules & Regulation

In East Coast area of Sardinia, specifically from Orosei gulf to Capo Carbonara, from West to East, yachts will have to care about the following restrictions.

- Navigation within 200 m from the coast
- Anchoring within 200 m from the coast
- 10 knots speed limit within 1 km from the coast
- Running any craft within 200 m from the coast with engines on
- Tying lines to rocks
- Jet Skies at 500m from the coast during summer period, with speed limits as per Jet skies and Water toys regulations attached


- In the waters of the Maritime District of Arbatax the speed of all units that navigates within 500 meters from the coast, and 1.000 m from the beaches, cannot exceed 10 knots;