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from Orosei Gulf to Muravera

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Canyon Gorroppu Gorropu | Traversata Integrale Canyoning

Often billed as “Europe’s Grand Canyon”, the Gola Su Gorropu is an isolated and dramatic gorge, best reached on foot from the Genna ‘e Silana pass on route SS125. Allow four to five hours for the round-trip trek. The 10.5 km trail threads past starkly eroded limestone slopes, rock pinnacles and cliffs pockmarked with caves.


Third leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Portu Cuau to Cala Goloritzè, Hikes
Doable even with kids in tow, this gentle two-and-a-half hour, 7.5 km round-trip hike takes you to the lovely bay of Cala Goloritzè, nestled in the southern crook of the Golfo di Orosei. The trailhead is the otherworldly Golgo plateau, where wild goats, pigs and donkeys graze.


Cala Luna | SardegnaTurismo - Sito ufficiale del turismo della Regione  Sardegna
An alternative way to visit the beach of Cala Luna is to start from the locality called Buchi Arta, which is reached by four-wheel drive along a scenic route. Here you can admire the beautifully made huts of goatherders, still used today and surrounded by a rugged and unspoiled landscape.


Ispuligidenie (Cala Mariolu), Hikes
The beach of Cala Mariolu opens out onto the Golfo di Orosei, in the locality of Punta Ispuligi. The name is connected with the monk seal, nicknamed by the fishermen "mariolu" (thief) because it took fish out of their nets. Its waters are of a changing blue for the plays of light created by the sun reflected on the seabed, haracterised by sand mixed with round, pink-coloured pebbles.


I nostri kayak alle Grotte del Bue Marino - Kayak Sardegna - Agenzia Prima  Sardegna | Cala Gonone

The stretch of coast surrounding Cala Gonone is one of the most interesting coast to be explored by kayak. Kayaking along the coast of the south Gulf of Orosei from Capo Monte Santu to the splendid Cala Mariolu or from the beautiful Cala Goloritze to the wonderful Cala Biriola or from Cala luna to the caves of Bue marino You can ask for a guided service or go by yourself. Single or double kayaks available with equipment: dry bags, dry box, sponges, life jackets, paddles, ropes, spry decks.Leave from Cala Gonone you can reach the beach of Cala Luna where it is possible to stay until the late afternoon. Along the way you can visit the caves of Bue Marino and the small inlets which dot the coast.


Hiking on Sardinia - In escursione a pochi passi dalla città | Trekking,  Escursioni, Sardegna

If you are a mountain fan, the Eastern Coast of Sardinia has so much to offer to you. The "Supramonte di Dorgali" is situated between the valleys of the river Flumineddu and the river Cedrino. It extends to 4400 acres in supramonte sea region, 6910 acres in the mountains with the Su Gorroppu ravine dividing the Barbagia from Ogliastra. Our trekking will start very early in the morning (at about h. 07.30 am) departing from Dorgali tunnel by jeep up to the Mount Bardia (750 m), where the first tunnel was built in 1850. We will go on to the path along the Supramonte crest to 850 m, then downhill to the forest call Chighine. At the end of the tour, we will reach a typical sheepfold where the local shepherds will serve a very tasty selection of Sardinian food as sausage, cheese, Carasau bread, roasted suckling pig and red wine. After lunch possible walk and relax to the beach of Cala Luna.