s coast

from Muravera to Porto Pino

Rules & Regulation

In South area of Sardinia, specifically from Capo Carbonara to Capo Teulada, from East to West, yachts will have to care about the following restrictions.

- Navigation within 200 m from the coast
- Anchoring within 200 m from the coast
- 10 knots speed limit within 1 km from the coast
- Running any craft within 200 m from the coast with engines on
- Tying lines to rocks
- Jet Skies at 500m from the coast during summer period, with speed limits as per Jet skies and Water toys regulations attached

- Anchorage restrictions as per Marine Protected area of Capo Carbonara zoning map (see attached)


- Anchorage forbidden in Cala Zafferano (military area)
- Docking and any form of fishing and diving is permanently forbidden, due to the presence of unexploded devices. Cruising is forbidden only in case of military exercise, for which periodically are given specific orders.