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from Santa Teresa to Maddalena's islands

Tours and Main Attractions


Casa di Garibaldi Caprera, gli ultimi anni dell'Eroe - dovevado.net

The beautiful island of Caprera maintains on its territory the compendium of the Garibaldi era which includes buildings and objects which once belonged to Giuseppe Garibaldi. Giuseppe Garibaldi was a general, a group leader and an Italian patriot who was one of the most important figures of the Italian renaissance due to his importance in unifying Italy. Known also as the hero of the two worlds because of his military achievements both in Europe and America, Giuseppe Garibaldi spent the last few years of his life on the island of Caprera in what he considered as voluntary exile. The buildings he housed until his death are today a beautiful museum. It is possible to admire, amongst other things, the General’s Arms and Banners as well as the original furniture.


La Maddalena, riparte la stagione delle bonifiche - Il Sole 24 ORE

Starting from La Maddalena city center, walking distance from the port of Cala Gavetta, the guests accompanied by an expert guide will follow the panoramic street by van. We will visit the isle Giardinelli, which is linked to the mainland through an isthmus, the creek of Spalmatore and, on the Northern part, the Porto Lungo. Afterwards, from Cala Lunga we will go direction West, where we could admire the creeks of Stagno Torto and the beaches of Monti della Rena. Then, we will go towards the internal and wildest part of the island and reach the panoramic Forte dei Colmi with a view on Spargi isles, santa Maria, Budelli and Razzoli. We will go on direction Cala Francese, Nido D’Aquila and we will end the bus tour at Cala Gavetta, near the harbour. Possibility of different stops for pictures and a swim. A shopping tour in the typical shops of city center and/or the visit to Garibaldi museum can be added to the tour.


Trekking a Capo Testa – Ivan Sgualdini

Capo Testa lies at about 4km from the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura and is considered one of the most fascinating places in Sardinia. It is, in actual fact, an enormous reef which extends and reaches the mainland by means of a short isthmus of land. The scenery is characteristically varied and includes delightful coral reefs, naturally formed grottos and beaches, alternating with granite cliffs that drive right into the sea. It is a haven for those who adore trekking and free climbing.


concessione gestione fortezza di Monte Altura, del monumento naturale orso  di Palau e del museo etnografico: aperta manifestazione d'interesse |  Comune di Palau

This impressive military fortress goes back to the 19th century and is located in an area called Monte Altura, which can be reached by taking the road to Punta Sardinia-Porto Rafael. It was part of the defensive system built around the island of La Maddalena, to protect the military base of La Regia Marina Sarda and the archipelago of La Maddalena, considered a strategic point in the defence of the Tyrrhenian sea from attack by the French naval fleet. It was rebuilt and rearmed with anti-aircraft artillery during the First and Second World War.


La Roccia dell'Orso, la roccia da leggenda in Sardegna

The Bear rock can be viewed near the town of Palau and owes its name to the animal that it represents. It was formed by the erosive effects of the strong winds which modelled it in this way. It is a granite stone which reaches a height of 120m and seems to have ancient origins, there are in fact traces of its existence in manuscripts dating back to the first geographers who studied the island of Sardinia.


Cala Grande - Valle della Luna | SardegnaTurismo - Sito ufficiale del  turismo della Regione Sardegna

In the extreme north of Sardinia, on the famous promontory of Santa Teresa Gallura, there is a splendid cove, which has been given the well-deserved name of Valle della Luna (Valley of the Moon), a hippy paradise!
A little valley, about 500 metres long, consisting of impressive granite rocks shaped by the force of the weather over thousands of years. Cala Grande (or Valle della Luna) is located in the western part of the promontory of Capo Testa, in the territory of Santa Teresa Gallura, approximately four kilometres from the residential area. You will see hidden little coves appear between the rock faces, with turquoise and crystal clear waters, made magical by the contrast with the golden colours of the rocks and the green of the dense Mediterranean scrub, in which there are strawberry trees, myrtle and heather.
Since the late 1960s, the promontory has been chosen as a home by a group of hippies and naturists, who have helped to keep it unspoilt. It was named Valle della Luna because of the unusual white colour of the rocks in the moonlight.A spectacular setting in which peace and nature rule, as in the other beautiful places in the valley: the coves ofl’Eaand Mezzu. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking, evocative landscapes, particularly popular with diving enthusiasts, which can be found everywhere during a visit to the whole area of the promontory.