olbia area

from Golfo Aranci to San Teodoro

Area Description



Framed in a landscape of great beauty, between the striking coastline of Capo Ceraso, Golfo Aranci and the Isle of Tavolara, Olbia is today, as it was in the past, a leading way to and from the world. Renown to the many for its passengers harbour and international airport, over the years Olbia managed to establish itself as one of the top touristic destination of Sardinia, losing the label of being just a stop-over.
Named “The Happy” by the Greeks, Olbia is nowadays the referral centre for the entire Costa Smeralda, well known for places like Porto Rotondo and San Pantaleo - that have made Sardinia a famous and stylish resort location since the sixties.
South of Olbia, holiday spots like San Teodoro and Budoni are maybe less VIP-style but have become a favourite destination amongst youngsters and families, with an offer less exclusive yet more affordable.
Get “on the road”, to admire the wonders of the coastline of Olbia and Gallura in general; by boat to discover small wild creeks and sandy white beaches, rich Mediterranean maquis, are the best ways to enjoy a fabulous sea. Either going North or East, the landscape is spectacular.


The Gulf of Olbia has been for centuries a strategic crossroad of navigators – a harbour to the great civilizations of the past. Nowadays, more than ever, it is the main approach to the North-East of Sardinia.
The Port of Olbia hosts a thriving mussels business and represents a well-established international cruise destination. It is the main Italian port in terms of traffic, with more than 3,5 million passengers, and it’s the main shore for big companies such as Mobylines. Remarkable is also the activity of the nearby port of Golfo Aranci, where Sardinia Ferries lands.
On the other side, the Olbia Costa Smeralda international airport links the north of the Island to the main Italian cities and international capitals. Flights to Olbia generated almost 2 million passengers in 2011. It’s considered one the most important and cutting-edge airport in Italy, thanks as well to the recent restyling and extension. Very profitable is also the business of the private flights, run by Eccelsa. Its record figures and the outstanding services are the flagship of the airport.