costa smeralda

from Porto Cervo to Porto Rotondo

Tours and Main Attractions


Vigne Surrau, i grandi vini della Costa Smeralda | Callmewine

The Surrau  winery dominates over 40 hectares of farmlands mostly cultivated with vineyards spreading out in a sunny valley caressed by the northwest wind coming from the coast. Glass walls both exalt the landscape when looking out and illustrate the winemaking activities when looking in. Spaces are laid out in a sequence of work rooms, tasting rooms and showrooms in an attempt to optimize processing spaces and expose modern methods for vinification and wine preservation. We will visit the cellar, the winery and then we will taste some wine accompanied by typical Sardinian products.


Vigne Surrau, i grandi vini della Costa Smeralda | Callmewine

Sardinia is all over dominated by thousands hectares of valleys and hills cultivated with vineyards. A visit through sunny and breezy valleys by Truck or Golfcar is a must: you will be surrounded by a bucolic atoshpere and a Sommelier will guide you in tasting the best wines of the island. The tour is organized in a picnic style.


Le vie dello shopping tra arte e design - Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo, the symbol of Costa Smeralda and the undisputed kingdom of luxury holidays, is a small and charming village by the sea, an architectural gem set in an area of natural beauty. The most prestigious fashion houses, the most exclusive jewelers, the finestcraftsmanship. “La Passeggiata” of Porto Cervo is a shopping paradise disputed by the most International Brands: from Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana, Versace to Valentino, Prada, Trussardi, from Rossetti to Cartier. Brands always wishful to have a venue overlooking to the street tiled of antique cotto.


La ricetta dei culurgiones sardi ripieni di patate, pecorino e menta

The Sardinian cuisine is somewhat variegated and mainly characterized by its island-status and its agropastoral culture, enriched during the centuries throughout contaminations, contacts and trades with other peoples. Vary and simple at the same time it ranges from roasted meats, to the bread tradition, the pecorino cheeses, the wines, from the sea and from the land dishes, the game meat, the fishing or the gathering of natural herbs. It is considered to be an important part of the Mediterranean diet and it was declared masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity in 2010 by UNESCO. Afterwords a Michelin-starred chef is available for a sophisticated cooking class.


Calangianus, la capitale del sughero

In Sardinia many rural landscapes are characterised by cork trees, which have environmental, social and economic value. Sardinia is home to approximately 80% of Italy’s cork oak forests. The Region’s production, which is 5% of global output, covers approximately 50% of the demand from the local processing industry; the rest is covered by regular imports from the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and nearby Corsica. The main processing facilities are concentrated in upper Gallura, located in the North-East side of the Island. Cork Museum in Calangianus is one of the most important ones in Gallura and North Sardinia. It is located inside an ex Capuchins monks monastery. It’s also possible to find pictures of artisians working the cork, alternative ways to work the cork (labs) and cork artisan shops. 
Anna Grindi works magic in this innovative clothing shop, which sells dresses, shoes and bags made entirely of native Sardinian cork. Using a process developed and patented by Grindi herself, cork from local oak trees is converted into the waterproof, fireproof, supple and light-as-silk fabric that you see displayed throughout the store.


San Pantaleo, il borgo del mercato più bello in Sardegna | SiViaggia

Located in the hills above the gorgeous and famous Costa Smeralda of Sardinia, the town of San Pantaleo is an idyllic spot. It has a history that dates to 800 BC but was really developed as a destination around the turn of the last century. That makes it older than the other Costa Smeralda towns, most of which were planned tourism destinations in the 1960s. Here you'll find an amiable village atmosphere with a bohemian vibe. It has long been popular with artists and writers, drawn to the immense beauty and natural splendor of the area.
The town itself centers on the pretty Piazzetta, the entertainment hub for the residents. It is here that the colorful weekly open-air market takes place every Thursday.


Nuraghe La Prisgiona, viaggio ai confini della storia - Costa Smeralda

Arzachena offers to its visitors many archaeological remains and monuments of great value. One of them is The Nuraghe La Prisjona. The Nuraghe “La Prisgiona” currently looks like a pile of rubble and only a few elements can be noticed that confirm the supposed grandeur of the building. It is located on the top of a granitic hill that dominates other nuraghi below and from which the view extends as far as the hills of the Pedres Castle. It was built using large blocks of granite roughly squared and small stones for the filling. It has never been excavated. The Nuragic complex overlooks a large area in Capichera locality. The dimension of the nuraghe, its complexity and architectonical features attest the peculiarity of this site and its importance in this territory. It is a complex nuraghe, and its tholos tipology (with false dome) is rather unusual in the territory of Gallura. It consists of a central tower (mastio) and two side towers englobed in a rampart. The main tower is characterised by a giant lintel (3,20m). The central chamber, with tholos vault and three niches set in the shape of a cross, is 6m high.


Tour giornalieri -

Discover the hidden side of Sardinia: Gallura, land of granite, a few kilometers from Costa Smeralda. On 4x4 vehicles from the coast to the highest peak of Monte Pinu along typical trails of the Mediterranean area surrounded by the local vegetation. From the top of the mount you can admire a unique view all around: island of Tavolara , town of Olbia, Costa Smeralda and la Maddalena Archipelago. Next step is Lake Liscia where our restaurant will offer a delicious typical Gallura Lunch. After lunch the tour will proceed to the archaeological sites: Giants Tomb of Su Coddu Ecchju and nuragic village La Prisjona.


Passeggiate a Cavallo sulla Spiaggia - San Teodoro | Porto Rotondo | Porto  Cervo | Olbia - La Cinta

Horse riding is a way to approach an environment with a high naturalistic value, uncontaminated areas and  stunning panoramas, communities that maintain traditions and culture from the past, flavours and fragrances sometimes thought as disappeared. Leaving the stables you will take easy paths and farm roads in the nature, that run along white sand beaches, small lagoons, ponds and a sea with thousands of shades of blue. Experienced instructors will guide you in this marvellous experience.



In Cascioni Eco Retreat, every dish is a work of art inspired by the generosity of the Earth. It all starts with a basket under your arm, a walk through the rows of the vegetable garden and inside the henhouse. The experience continues with the creation of original vegetarian recipes, a perfect synthesis of the shapes, flavours and colours of the harvest of the day.

The experience of 2 hours includes: Chef at your disposal, English-speaking assistance, recipe book and certificate of attendance, accompanying tasting, water and glasses of wine.


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