02 Feb 2024


In the upcoming article, we aim to leverage our expertise to recommend the finest options available, highlighting lesser-known yet exceptional marinas in the West Mediterranean.
For those seeking winter refuge or planning a pit stop, the choice of the marina can significantly impact the overall experience. Whether you're in need of a refit, crave tranquility, prioritize logistics, or simply seek a safe haven, the following marinas stand out as a valid alternative to popular choices.
West Mediterranean marinas offer an ideal retreat for wintering yachts, providing a perfect blend of mild climates, stunning scenery, and world-class amenities. From the picturesque coastlines of Spain and France to the tranquil harbors of Italy and beyond, these marinas offer sheltered havens for yachts seeking a valid starting point for a great summer season in Europe. With their strategic locations, they provide easy access to vibrant cities, cultural treasures, and gourmet dining experiences. Additionally, these marinas boast top-notch facilities, including skilled craftsmen, shipyards, and a plethora of marine services, ensuring yachts receive superior care during their winter stay. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, West Mediterranean marinas, even the lesser-known West Mediterranean marinas may promise an unparalleled winter yachting experience.
These are the main characteristics considered important to us:

Safety: Weather average forecast

Security: According to safety data available online, the city boasts a favorable security record.

Logistics: Within one hour from the closest airport

Shipyards: from 35 m upward

Affordable rates

Crew facilities

Malaga, Spain, Where Sun, Sea, and Service Converge for Yachts in Need

Malaga, situated on the sun-soaked Costa del Sol, is not just a gateway to cultural treasures but also a haven for yachts in need of refit. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, skilled craftsmen, and a plethora of marine services, Malaga ensures your yacht receives top-notch care. The city's vibrant atmosphere and rich history add an extra layer of appeal for yacht owners seeking a blend of work and play during their refit period.

Safety: Well-protected harbor with modern facilities. super safe!

Security: According to the Global Peace Index of 2022, Spain is ranked as the 29th most peaceful country in the world. The locals are friendly and respectful, and incidents of crime involving tourists are relatively low. Famous for its well-lit streets and crowded areas, this Spanish city is safe to explore, even at night.

Logistics: 60 nautic miles from Gibraltar. International airport within 15 minutes for easy crew rotations and guest arrivals. Sheltered slips
Easy import/export formalities. High quality of food and smooth provisioning.
Technical: Various technical service providers available.
Engineers and Mechanics, Hydraulics and Metalworks, Interior and exterior joinery and carpentry, Trim and upholstery, Cleaning services, Crane, cherry picker, forklift, scissor lifts, Scaffolding, Diving services, Parts and supplies, TPAs authorised and Management available

Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing with seasonal packages.

Berth capacity: Accommodating yachts over 20m in length, unlimited length, 31 slips available:28 stern to dock slips from up to 72m.
3 slips alongside to dock the largest boats, Easy and safe access to the marina.
ISPS compliant upon request.

Crew Facilities: Abundance of amenities for crew within reach.

In the recent Forbes Expat City Ranking for 2023, Málaga claimed the top spot as the best place to live and work!
It not only secured the first position for local friendliness but was also recognised for its safety, diverse recreational sports offerings, and vibrant social life. Notably, its international airport, situated within 15 minutes, facilitates crew rotations and guest arrivals.

Pendennis Vilanova Marina, Barcelona: Your Mediterranean Yachting Haven


Photo credit: Stuart Pearce

Nestled just outside Barcelona, Pendennis Vilanova offers a safe harbour and Technical Service Centre with stunning Mediterranean views. Its strategic location simplifies logistics, connecting seamlessly to Barcelona's international airport. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, the marina provides efficient technical support, ensuring a smooth yachting experience. Competitive rates make Pendennis Vilanova an economically sound choice for short or extended stays. Beyond berths, diverse amenities cater to the crew, promising a rewarding and enjoyable maritime adventure.

Safety: Nestled just outside of Barcelona, Pendennis Vilanova ensures a secure harbour, shielded from adverse weather, offering peace of mind. Super safe!

Security: Barcelona is ISPS certified and offers 24-hour security and surveillance services. According to The Economist, Barcelona is a safe destination with an overall Safe City Index of 77.8, making it the 11th safest city among 60 cities worldwide. Tourists can explore its breathtaking sights and enjoy various activities without encountering dangerous criminals.

Logistics: A strategic hub in the Mediterranean, it simplifies regional and international navigation with easy access to Barcelona's international airport.

Technical: Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, the marina provides efficient and prompt technical support for all yacht needs.

Shipyard: With both 200t and 620t travel hoists on site, Pendennis Vilanova has the capability to haul yachts up to 60m out onto the hard standing.The proximity of the Technical Service Centre to the 48-berth marina means that projects can be carried out both on the facility’s 30,000sqm of hard standing or afloat in the marina itself. As a result, Vilanova has been transformed into the new destination for superyachts to conduct technical works in the Mediterranean.

Affordable Rates: Vilanova Marina is committed to affordability, offering competitive rates for short-term and extended mooring.

Berth capacity: 48 berths, largest dock: 130 m, Each mooring is serviced by a pedestal, complete with decalcified water, an electricity supply (up to 1,000 amps) and a private telephone line. Other key on-site features include private parking, 24-hour security and a dedicated customer service team.

Crew Facilities: Beyond berths, the marina caters to crew needs with diverse amenities, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Sete, France: Logistically Perfect

Strategically positioned in the south of France, Sete is a logistical gem for yacht owners. Its well-connected waterways provide easy access to the Mediterranean and beyond. The marina itself boasts modern infrastructure and excellent maintenance facilities, making it an ideal stop for yachts navigating through the region. Sete offers a perfect blend of convenience and maritime charm.

Safety: Well-protected harbor with a low-risk weather profile.

Security: Stringent security measures in place (ISPS) to safeguard vessels and assets. Sete in France is generally safe. Petty crimes like pickpocketing or purse snatching can occasionally happen, especially in crowded places or on public transport. However, violent crimes are quite rare. There's a good police presence and people are generally friendly and willing to help.

Logistics: Proximity to Montpellier Airport and efficient port connections.

Technical: IGY Sète offers in-water yard services with professional technical support.This modern marina offers the comfort of berthing in a facility that will have crane resources to perform provisioning, routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing with long-term stay options.

Berth capacity: 10 Total Berths, 10 Mega Yacht Berths, Min Length: 80' (24m)

Max Length: 590' (180 m), Max Draft: 26' (8 m), Max Beam: No Restrictions

Crew Facilities: Fitness center, rooftop bar, club house available for the convenience of the crew

: A Tranquil Maritime Haven on the Enchanting Ligurian Coast

Liguria, renowned for its dramatic cliffs and charming seaside towns, is home to Imperia and Loano, two marinas that prioritize safety. Imperia, with its well-protected harbor, is a secure choice for yachts seeking shelter from adverse weather conditions. Safety: Well-sheltered marina with a low-risk weather profile. Loano's well-designed marina offers a safe berth complemented by a range of yacht services, making it a reliable choice for those prioritizing safety.

Safety: Sheltered marina in the Ligurian Sea.

Security: Magnificent place for a safe and familiar stay

Logistics: Close to Genoa Airport and accessible ports. Marina di Loano has a helipad that provides direct access to the super yacht area.

Shipyard: Shipyard up to 660 tons. Amico Loano is a shipyard dedicated to the repair and maintenance of yachts of up to 55m.

Technical Assistance: Various technical service providers available.
Marina di Loano provides an internal and external boat washing service
Affordable Rates: Competitive rates with incentives for extended stays.

Berth capacity:modern tourist port providing safety and comfort for those arriving from the sea, with almost 1000 berths. The Superyachts Area in Marina di Loano is well-equipped to accomodate large superyachts of up to 77 metres, providing hospitality and dedicated services with 45 moorings reserved for large vessels of which 5 are equipped with fingers for yachts from 64 to 77 metres.

The port is equipped with Yacht Club, a fuel station and a high pressure sewage pumping system.

Marina di Loano has obtained the prestigious European Blue Flag: recognition that certifies the attention we pay to environmental themes.

Crew Facilities: Abundance of amenities for crew within reach.

Porto Mirabello: Luxury and Logistics Combined

Porto Mirabello, nestled in the Gulf of La Spezia, is a sophisticated choice for yacht owners seeking a blend of luxury and logistical convenience. With its upscale facilities, proximity to the Cinque Terre, and excellent transport links, Porto Mirabello stands out as an ideal spot for those who demand the best in terms of both comfort and convenience. Marina di Mirabello stands out for its unwavering commitment to safety, benefiting from its protected position within the Gulf. Its proximity to shipyards ensures readily available technical expertise and support for yachts undergoing maintenance or refitting. The marina boasts excellent facilities catering to both crew and owners, enhancing the overall experience. Moreover, its strategically advantageous location further adds to its appeal, facilitating seamless logistics and convenient access for all.

Safety: Well-protected harbor with modern facilities.Porto Mirabello, thanks to its sheltered position in the Gulf of La Spezia, protected by its geographical shape and by a 620 metres breakwater, boasts very high safety standards.

Security: La Spezia is generally a safe city for solo female travelers. It's a small seaside city known for its laid-back lifestyle. Crime rate is low and local people are usually friendly and helpful. During the day and evening the city and its transport links are quite busy, providing a safe environment. Even at night, the well-lit main roads and main city areas are safe to travel around.

Logistics: Proximity to Pisa International Airport and well-connected ports.

Technical: Comprehensive technical support services.

Shipyard:shipyard for maintenance work, travel lift for haulage and launching yachts up to 160 tons

Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing with seasonal packages.

Berth capacity:The Marina offers 407 berths with a 60-year public concession, starting from 40 feet, 100 of which are for super yachts from 78 to 459 feet.
Columns for electricity and water service, designed to deliver up to 1000 amperes.

Crew Facilities: Facilities and services available for the convenience of the crew.
It is an innovative project, designed to ensure its guests receive excellent service, tranquility, comfort and a wide selection of leisure activities including: A shopping gallery with over 30 shops,11 bars, wine bars, restaurants, pubs, a magnificent 25 metre swimming pool, Gym, basketball court, paddle court.

Marina di Olbia: Exceptional Value, Uncompromised Quality


While some marinas in the Mediterranean might come with a hefty price tag, Marina di Olbia in Sardinia offers great value without compromising quality. This marina provides affordable berthing options, essential services, and a warm welcome, making it ideal choices for budget-conscious yacht owners who refuse to compromise on their Mediterranean experience.

Safety: Sheltered marina in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

: Olbia generally holds a reputation as a safe location for travelers. The residents are warm and most locals are willing to help with directions or advice. However, like many tourist destinations, it's advisable to be aware of your surroundings and take standard precautions, especially during crowded festivals or at night.

Logistics: Close to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport and accessible ports.

Technical Assistance: Adequate technical support services.

Shipyard: Over 50 Dockyards, offer a comprehensive range of routine repairs and long term maintenance services.

Affordable Rates: Competitive rates with incentives for extended stays.

Berth capacity: 270 berths for boats up to 150 metres of length, with a maximum draught of up to 5.20 metres.

Crew Facilities: Convenient facilities for crew members.

Marina di Arechi, Campania: All-in-One Solution

Marina d'Arechi is ranked among the major marinas in the Mediterranean, in one of the most charming parts of the south of Italy, just off the Amalfi Coast; Positano, Nerano and Capri. The marina is well-linked to famous tourist spots such as Pompei, Paestum and Sorrento. It has 1000 berths spanning 10-100 meters, offers excellent services through its well-trained and professional staff. It also has a boatyard with a 220-tonne capacity travel lift, Services like repair and maintenance are offered. The waterfront has many multicuisine restaurants, bars, chandlery shops and a private beach, many facilities, such as helipad, paddle courts, and cultural activities and events, can be enjoyed by visitors.

Safety: Sheltered marina in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Security: Salerno is generally safe. Like any other major city, there are always risks, but the crime rate in Salerno is relatively low. Locals are friendly and very willing to help if necessary. However, it's crucial to be careful of pickpocketing in tourist-heavy areas and keep personal belongings close. Always remain aware of your surroundings, especially when walking alone late at night. But overall, Salerno is quite safe for female travelers venturing out on their own.

Logistics: Close to Naples International Airport and accessible ports. Salerno Airport 9minutes driving distance from July the 1st. Well-linked to famous tourist spots such as Pompei, Paestum and Sorrento. Helipad.

Technical Assistance: Comprehensive technical support services.

Shipyard:Boatyard with a travel lift+repair and maintenance

Affordable Rates: Competitive rates with incentives for extended stays.

Berth Capacity: Up to 60 mega yachts from 32 to 100 meters, out of the total marina capacity of approximately 1000 berths, fresh water and electricity supply up to 400 AMPS

Crew Facilities: Facilities and services available for the convenience of the crew.
Multicuisine restaurants, bars, chandlery shop and private beach. Paddle court, barbecue area, Free wi-fi, Free shuttle service to city centre, Gym & sport club is less than 10 minutes from the marina, Parcel handling service

Riposto, “Porto dell’Etna”, Sicily: A Hidden Gem for Yachts

Riposto, nestled on the eastern coast of Sicily, offers a secure harbor shielded from adverse weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for yachts seeking meteorological safety.

: The marina ensures safety with its sheltered location within the Gulf. Well-protected harbor with a low-risk weather profile.

Security: Like most places, it generally enjoys a lower crime rate as compared to many international cities. The locals are generally warm, friendly, and willing to help tourists. Sicily offers relatively safe travel.

Logistics: Close to Catania Fontanarossa Airport and accessible ports.Marina di Mirabello offers easy access to nearby amenities and shipyards.

Technical: Various technical service providers available: Towage and launch
Hull pressure-wash, Keel blocking, Mechanical in/outboard engines, electronic and electrical repairs, Boatyard repairs (wood, fibreglass), Ribs and dinghy inflation and repair. Suction disposal of bilge and sewage waste

Shipyard: 160 T. travel lift, 45 T movable crane, 1,000 sqm machine shop/boatyard, 5,000 sqm work area, boat trailers

Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing with seasonal packages makes it an appealing choice for yacht owners.

Berth Capacity: 150 m of quay berths, and 570 m of floating wharves, with moorings available for boats from 8 to 40 metres.

Crew Facilities: Abundance of amenities for crew and owners within reach.

Brindisi Marina: A Gateway to Puglia's Coastal Splendor

The new Marina, an up-to- date, safe and well equipped marina, is located in a particularly attractive bay of the port of Brindisi, protected by the Forte a Mare peninsula, a majestic monumental complex of the XV century. All commercial activities, the bar and the restaurant, the nautical club and other activities all face onto the small square which is the real heart of the Marina. The Marina is the natural base to reach the most beautiful destinations in Croatia or Greece, or to discover the coasts of Montenegro and Albania.

Safety: Secure harbor with well-protected mooring.

Security: Brindisi is generally a safe city. The crime rate is low and the local people are friendly and helpful. However, like all tourist destinations, it is advisable to take standard precautions such as avoiding deserted or poorly lit areas at night, and keeping personal belongings close at all times. Furthermore, knowing a little Italian can be very beneficial in case you need assistance.

Logistics: Strategic hub for exploring Puglia's charming towns

Technical: Modern facilities for seamless yachting.

Affordable Rates: Competitive pricing for short or extended stays.

Berth Capacity: 638 berths, from 6 to 35 metres.

Crew Facilities: Proximity to amenities, restaurants, and vibrant local culture for a comfortable and enriching stay. Refueling service 24h24; Distance from the International Airport of Brindisi 10 min by car;

In conclusion, with winter moves on and yachts seeking refuge back from the Caribbean upkeep in the Mediterranean, it's crucial to explore alternatives to the typical hotspot marinas. We invite you to explore with us or our partners the optimal choice for your requirements. These marinas offer an exceptional balance of safety, affordability, logistics, and amenities, ensuring an unforgettable and comfortable experience for both yacht owners and crew. From the serene harbors of Sicily to the upscale marinas of the French Riviera, each destination guarantees a distinctive and fulfilling winter yachting venture. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or simply a change of scenery, these marinas provide an ideal backdrop for a rejuvenating winter escape.