01 Feb 2023


All what you need to know about how to require a D- Visa or long term visa for extra Eu seafarers

End of last year, we shared with all of you the important goal achieved by our partner Marine Shore Assistance who obtained the first 365 days visa permit for one of their clients, in Zagabria. Click here to read the previous article . From that moment, we have received a numerous amount of emails requiring clarifications and support in order to obtain the D- Visa, which as we knew, is making a huge difference for many yacht crews out there.

In fact, this permit solved a huge problem faced in the past, when yacht crews were refused to get a stamp out on their passport in several Italian ports, unless flying out of the country or moving out of the Schengen area or moving out of European waters. Until that moment crews were forced often to use up their 90-day Schengen allowance when stepping on a yacht sailing in Italian waters.

Italy is now giving to the yacht crews working on yachts based in Italy a real, clear and legal solution in order to stay legally in Italy for a long term. The procedure has now been officially transmitted to all Italian embassies and consulates worldwide and, we are happy, after managing to get various D- Visas, to come back here answering many doubts expressed by many.

What is the Italian D-Visa?

The Italian D Visa is a long term entry visa for work purposes for extra EU seafarers required to work on vessels based in Italy. By applying for this visa, the non-EU seafarer will be able to obtain a multiple entry visa for Italy for a max of 365-days.

Who can apply for a D-Visa?

All extra-Eu seafarers (also the ones working on non-Italian flagged yachts), employed on a vessel based in Italy at the moment of the application. The crew must have an employee contract from the owning company of the vessel and must be listed in the crew list, in order to obtain a 365-day D-Visa to remain in the Schengen Area.

Which documents are required to obtain a D- Visa?

In order to apply for a long term Visa or D- Visa for extra EU seafarers, the Italian embassy or Italian consulate will require the following documents:

- formal request from the owning company, with indication of the name of the vessel, the activity to be performed, date of arrival of the vessel in the port and date of embarkation of the seafarer;
- individual employment contract of the maritime worker (or copy of the contract, if the worker is not a formal employee of the owning company)
- updated crew list, stamped and signed;
- certificate of registry of the vessel;
- communication from the harbor master's office confirming the date of arrival and mooring period in the port of competence of the vessel (this will be normally required by the shipping agent in the port of arrival)
- recent photograph in passport photo format (the number is not specified);
- the form below pictured completed in all its parts;


The request must be placed by the yacht agent appointed by the captain.

How long does it take to obtain a D visa?

Normally it may require from one week to one month depending on the citizenship of the crew requiring it. We are experiencing a very fast process in Croatia.

How do I know if I am entitled to obtain this visa

Each case can be different, you can always start checking your case through this survey of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs https://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home.aspx

Is it possible to obtain a D Visa if I already have a C Visa? Can they exist together?

It depends on the reason for the C visa (or short-stay visa, that does not permit the holder to stay more than 3 months in the Schengen Area). The possibility of having a D visa, even if already in possession of a C visa exists. Obtaining the D visa automatically cancels the validity of the C visa. The holder of a national long-stay visa issued by a Member State is allowed to travel and stay in other Member States for 90 days in every 180 days.

How does it cost to obtain a D Visa?

Fees charged for the administrative costs of processing the visa application and to be corresponded directly to the embassy or consulate are 116 €.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our main office by mail at info@nayacht.com for any further information.

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