30 Nov 2023


Yacht Itineraries

We take one more opportunity to get ready to start a new season in the Caribbean, reminding you of our support in Sint Maarten and we thought we could give you a hint of what’s there to do in the upcoming months if you have the amazing opportunity to stop by.
Sint Maarten, with its blend of Dutch and French influences, stands as a beacon for yachters seeking the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and vibrant culture. As yachts prepare for upcoming charters, the crew is presented with a unique opportunity to savor the beauty of this Caribbean gem during their downtime. From thrilling adventures to serene beaches and exquisite dining options, Sint Maarten offers an array of experiences for every taste. Let's dive into the best activities, hotspots, and culinary delights to make your winter stay in Sint Maarten truly unforgettable.

Here’s our best compilation of

Adventure & Fun:

Loterie Farm: Jungle Pool, Zip-Line, and More


Loterie Farm, nestled in the lush Pic Paradis area, is a haven for those seeking adventure and relaxation. With a Jungle Pool, zip-lining through the treetops, and hiking trails, it's a perfect day getaway. The monthly Pool Party adds an extra dash of excitement, featuring DJ sets and dancing under the Caribbean sun. Jungle Pool Party every last Saturday of the month in season from noon to 8 pm, starting from December the 30th this year. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a party animal, or someone looking to unwind, Loterie Farm is the ideal destination for an unforgettable day in Sint Maarten.

Website: Loterie Farm

Rainforest Adventures Rockland Estate: Soar to New Heights


For thrill-seekers, Rainforest Adventures offers an exhilarating experience with options like the Flying Dutchman zip-line, Sky Explorer, and more. The breathtaking views from Sentry Hill provide a unique perspective of the Caribbean islands. Don't miss the ELEV8 Hilltop Sunset Techno Party for a musical extravaganza. Suitable for those who love adventure and especially for those who don't suffer from vertigo! Great for spending a few hours of fun. There is the possibility of going up the hill with the chairlift called Sky Explorer. Once you get up there is a beautiful view and you can see the islands of Anguilla, St. Barths, Statia and Saba. Then you can go down either with the Zip-Line called Flying Dutchman, or with the Sentry Hill Zip or with the Schonner Ride, a rubber donut that slides down the hill, like a slide in water parks, but without water, of course!
It is located in the Dutch area, Cul de Sac area, and a car is necessary. It is about 15 minutes by car from the Port de Plaisance marina and about 15 minutes from Dock Marteen in Philipsburg. It is a little further away from those moored in Simpson Bay, about 20 minutes by car.

Website: Rainforest Adventures

Pelican Peak: Zip-Lining with a View


Conveniently located walking distance from Dock Maarten in Philipsburg, Pelican Peak offers zip-lining adventures and walking trails. It's the perfect alternative for crew members staying on the Dutch side of the island. Soar above the coastline and enjoy stunning views without the need for transportation.

Website: Pelican Peak

Beach & Music:

Roxxxy Beach: Chic Beach Club in Simpson Bay


Roxxxy Beach, situated in Simpson Bay, is a beach club that stands out for its sophistication and lively atmosphere. With great food, signature cocktails, and weekend DJ sessions, it's a favorite among crew members looking for a stylish and entertaining beach experience. Recommended for crews moored in Simpson Bay. You don't need a car to reach it, but simply cross the road. It is in fact located right in front of the Isle de Sol Marina, on the opposite side of the road.

Website: Roxxxy Beach

Rainbow Cafe: Bohemian Vibes in Grand Case


Rainbow Cafe, located on the beautiful Grand Case Beach, offers more than a typical beach club experience. Known for its Boho aesthetic, Sunday parties with Afro and Deep House music, and a diverse menu, it's a must-visit for those seeking a vibrant atmosphere.

Website: Rainbow Cafe

Soggy Dollar Bar: Crew's Haven at Palapa Marina


For a laid-back and unpretentious atmosphere, Soggy Dollar Bar at Palapa Marina is the go-to spot, a real crew bar. With affordable drinks, live music, and Latin Nights on Tuesdays, with live bands, preceded by Salsa lessons for everyone. It's a favorite among the yachting community looking to unwind.
Facebook: Soggy Dollar Bar

Live Music & Vibe:

The Red Piano: A Classic Experience in Pelican Key


Immerse yourself in the 1920s ambiance of The Red Piano in Pelican Key. Every Monday, join the Church on Monday event featuring live music by the local band What Da Funk. The diverse crowd and energetic atmosphere make it a standout spot for yachters. Recommended for crews moored in Simpson Bay. Walking distance from Simpson Bay marinas. It is located in the Pelican Key area.
Website: The Red Piano

Nowhere Special: Caribbean Vibes in Simpson Bay


It's a favorite among locals and visitors alike, providing a casual setting to enjoy good tunes and meet like-minded individuals. A real Caribbean bar on the main street of Simpson Bay, just before the bridge. Live music, local bands, Soca, and above all on Thursdays Ladies night with free prosecco for all women.
Facebook: Nowhere Special

Culinary Journey Across Borders:

Bamboo House: Sushi & Fusion Cuisine


For an elegant dining experience, Bamboo House in Simpson Bay offers renowned sushi in a trendy setting. The Gatsby Night on Thursdays, featuring Jazz and Swing music, adds a touch of glamour to your evening. Recommended for crews who love Sushi, who are looking for a nice place for a special evening, and especially for those moored in Port de Plaisance. The car is necessary to reach it. For those who don't have one, the place offers a shuttle service from the Carrefour car park near Port de Plaisance. This hip and trendy restaurant and lounge is set in a meticulously restored 19th century colonial Sugar-mill with an enormous terrace with an amazing view of Simpson Bay. Award winning Sushi and Steak with Sushi chefs hailing from Nobu, Morimoto, and Makodo. Hot kitchen features aged steaks and fresh fish. Lots of appetizers including our famous Duck Nachos and Dumplings. Great for large groups and parties. Our in house DJ drives the vibe, inspiring nightly sunsets from high atop Diamond Mountain.
Bamboo's Sushi rolls are legendary, having won best sushi for 20 consecutive years. Serving late night fares and amazing true craft cocktails at our Bamboo Bar, starting at 5pm for sunsets until late into the night.
Every Thursday is Gatsby Night. The Band starts at 7:30. The Regular menu is in effect. There is a $5.00 per person music charge added to everyone's bill

Website: Bamboo House

Pizza & Co: Authentic Italian Pizza


Craving authentic Italian pizza? Pizza & Co in Simpson Bay is your answer. With a casual atmosphere and a focus on quality, it's a perfect spot for a satisfying pizza feast. Recommended for crews who want to eat a real Italian pizza without paying too much attention to the shop look, but especially to those moored in Simpson Bay. Walking distance from Simpson Bay marinas. No car needed.

Facebook: Pizza & Co

The Captain's Rib Shack: BBQ Delights in Simpson Bay


For a taste of the Caribbean, head to The Captain's Rib Shack. Located in Simpson Bay, this no-frills spot serves up the island's best BBQ ribs and Johnny cakes. It's a perfect post-dancing destination for a hearty meal. Recommended for crews moored in Simpson Bay who want to eat some tasty ribs. Walking distance from Simpson Bay marinas. There is no need for a car to reach it.

Facebook: The Captain's Rib Shack

Top Carrot: Healthy & Vegetarian-Friendly Options


Top Carrot at Simpson Bay Yacht Club caters to health-conscious crew members. Offering vegetarian and healthy breakfast and lunch options, it's a popular choice for those looking for a nutritious and tasty meal. A very nice restaurant which also has a small shop selling new age objects, with crystals, stones, bracelets and necklaces made of semi-precious stones, books, palo santo and incense, Buddha statues, etc. You can drink good fruit and vegetable juices and vegetarian dishes or interesting salads.
Open for breakfast and lunch.

Instagram: Top Carrot

Rusty Rocket: Burger Saloon with a Twist


For a unique take on burgers and more, Rusty Rocket near Princess Juliana Airport is a favorite. With quirky street signs and a beach area called "Rocket Beach," it's a fun spot for indulging in delicious burgers and Caribbean vibes. Delicious burgers, an excellent alternative to classic fast food chains. Nice location near the airport. Live music on weekends.
Facebook: Rusty Rocket

Avantika: Authentic Thai Cuisine in Simpson Bay


Indulge in the exotic tastes of Thailand at Avantika in Simpson Bay. With a focus on fresh and traditional Thai cuisine, it's a perfect choice for those craving authentic flavors. AVANTIKA combines the freshest Thai cuisine in an understated chic dining environment. With extensive culinary experience, our chefs bring Thai food to the island, the way it was meant to be—Fresh. Authentic. Traditional. Complementing your dining experience is an extensive wine list with wines from around the world, as well as a full cocktail bar. Open for lunch and dinner, with air-conditioned indoor and outdoor seating options, AVANTIKA hopes to be your choice for your next formal or informal dining experience.Recommended for crews who want to eat a good Thai curry and for those who are moored in Simpson Bay. You don't need a car to reach it. Walking distance from Simpson Bay marinas.

Website: Avantika

Sint Maarten, with its diverse offerings, provides yachters with an array of experiences, from thrilling adventures and vibrant beach clubs to culinary delights from around the world. Whether you're seeking high-energy activities, a relaxing beach day, or a culinary journey, Sint Maarten has it all. Embrace the warmth, enjoy the vibrant culture, and make lasting memories. Please do not hesitate to reach out and visit us at the IGY Isle de Sol Marina in Simpson Bay.