31 Mar 2023


Finding the perfect anchorage can be a challenge, nonetheless the smartest! With smartest we mean less known anchorages, off the beaten track or simply hidden behind the names of the most popular ones, the most special for being exclusive and almost deserted even during high season, those better protected by the strongest winds and those to just a few minutes drive to and from the airport.
Sardinia, like many other places in the Mediterranean, is known for its frequent and often strong winds throughout the year. The prevailing North Wind, known as the Mistral, can suddenly pick up to speeds of up to 50 knots and last for at least 48 hours. However, the NE coast of the island offers sheltered coves for yachts anchoring or docking in bays or marinas, that make it still enjoyable to stay on board. While other winds from different directions can occur, they are usually less strong than the Mistral. One of the most unpleasant winds for the northeast coast is the Grecale, blowing from the northeast and sometimes reaching speeds of up to 35 knots. This wind can create a swell that makes ports, marinas, and anchorages uncomfortable places to be with any size of yacht. In the past decade, these winds have become more frequent, with storms occurring four to five times a year and one or two of them happening during the summertime. As a result, some lesser-known bays have become popular and appreciated by captains looking for a comfortable place to anchor.

PORTO PALMA - Keep me safe from the North East wind!



Porto Palma, located in the South West of Caprera island, is the perfect anchorage for yachts seeking a safe haven during NE swells. This beautiful bay is quite expansive, deep, and can accommodate up to 30 medium-sized yachts. A daily permit is required for anchoring or sailing as it falls under the jurisdiction of the La Maddalena National Park. The NE of the bay is sheltered by a long isthmus extending over a mile on the East, which serves to break the swell. Cala Portese, a popular beach with an impressive beach club, lies on the NE of the isthmus. Spending a couple of days in Porto Palma is a great idea as there are many opportunities for exploration. You can run your tender ashore in Caprera Island along the West coast, where you can find several spots for swimming or snorkeling. Alternatively, drive your tender to La Maddalena island, passing through the channel between Caprera and Santo Stefano, and reach Cala Gavetta, the main port of La Maddalena. The bay is so stunning that some clients have stayed for another week after the swell subsided, enjoying the crystal clear waters and beautiful views of Caprera and Punta Sardegna. In conclusion, Porto Palma is a strategic anchorage that can make or break a charter while keeping everyone onboard happy, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

PORTO LISCIA - Let's watersport!



One of the most enjoyable activities for guests onboard a yacht is watersports. However, the restrictions and congestion caused by high numbers of yachts in popular bays can make it difficult for clients to have a good time. To overcome this, we often advise captains to anchor in Porto Liscia, a beautiful bay located approximately 5 NM SW of Maddalena island. One of the advantages of Porto Liscia is the big bay, which can easily accommodate yachts of any size. Although there are no onshore facilities, this also means that the bay remains unspoiled and uncrowded, providing privacy and exclusivity to guests. The lack of restrictions, as it is not part of a protected area, means that clients can enjoy watersports to their heart's content without fear of disrupting others, so apart from keeping the crafts 200 mts from the shoreline you have no other restriction as a limit for your watersports!

TAVOLARA - PORTO SAN PAOLO: Tender to the Airport!!!



One of the main concerns of yacht captains is dealing with the logistics of people and goods coming and going onboard. Ideally, it's preferable to have the boat docked on the quay where cars and vans can get close to the gangway, making everyone's life much easier. However, the captain's duty is to keep the vessel in nice places, nice anchorages, preferably remote but not too isolated, as embarkation and disembarkation may still occur.For this purpose, the most convenient anchorage in NE Sardinia is undoubtedly next to Tavolara island. This popular rocky island, located 15 NM south of Olbia, offers amazing spots to anchor safely in crystal clear water. The most popular anchorage is Baia Spalmatore, which is sheltered from Mistral winds by a long isthmus with a white sandy beach that acts as a natural breakwater. South of Tavolara is Molara, which offers some of the best spots for snorkeling and paddling. Although there are some restrictions in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara, they are not overly restrictive. Right next to Tavolara island you have the little concrete dock of Porto San Paolo village. Its proximity to the Olbia International Airport makes it a perfect drop off/pick up point. Many captains are unaware of this, but this dock, just 1 NM west of Tavolara island, can make a captain’s life in summer much easier! Tenders can easily drop off and pick up any kind of goods, and the dock is also comfortable for people, as vehicles can drive onto the dock and get next to the tender. The dock is a 15-minute drive from the Olbia Airport and the closest point to use for yachts at anchor. Even when a northwest breeze blows, both the anchorage and the little dock are quite protected from the sea. People can be taken to and from the airport to the boat in 10 minutes by tender (through beautiful scenery) and in 15 minutes by car.

MARE MORTO Keep safe from NW wind!



For nautical enthusiasts seeking an incredible anchorage spot, Mare Morto, located in front of the Phoenician ruins of Tharros, is an excellent option. This sheltered spot is accessible via land using Marina di Torre Grande in Oristano as a drop-off point, making it incredibly convenient for those traveling to and from Cagliari airport, which is only a one-hour drive away. The anchorage is sheltered from the mistral wind, which is a strong northwesterly wind that blows in the Mediterranean region. The mistral wind is particularly common in the summer months and can make anchoring difficult and uncomfortable for boats.Mare Morto boasts good holding in sand and offers the perfect location to anchor opposite the ruins by 11 meters of water, 0.5 NM Tower San Giovanni di Sinis. This spot is not only ideal for anchoring, but also for those who wish to visit the nearby Marina Protetta di Mal di Ventre and anchor their yacht before moving to the nearby buoy camp with a tender.With its stunning natural beauty and convenient location, Mare Morto is an ideal spot for nautical enthusiasts looking to explore the rich cultural history of the area, while enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the anchorage. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this hidden gem near Tharros during your next nautical adventure.

CALA PIRA is close to everything you need!



Cala Pira is a picturesque and smaller cove located in southeastern Sardinia that boasts crystal clear waters and fine white sand, making it one of the nicest beaches in the area. The anchorage in Cala Pira has a good holding in sand 5-8m and is ideal for small boats and yachts, with shelter from the occasional strong mistral wind in summer. It is easily accessible from Cagliari and is a short distance from other popular summer holiday destinations such as Costa Rei and Villasimius.This 400-meter-long sandy beach, located 10 km from Costa Rei and 15 km from the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara in Villasimius, is surrounded by stunning cliffs and hills, providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. The beach's pristine waters and fine, white sand make it an ideal location for snorkeling and exploring the gorgeous rock formations.Unlike the crowded beaches in Villasimius, Cala Pira offers a quieter and more exclusive experience. However, if you're in the mood for some livelier activities, the town is just a stone's throw away. The cove can accommodate up to 40 boats simultaneously, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of more crowded tourist destinations.Visitors should be aware that the cove should be avoided during southerly and easterly winds, but with its easy accessibility and stunning natural beauty, Cala Pira is certainly worth a visit for those looking for a hidden gem in southeastern Sardinia. It is the first east anchorage outside the marine protected area where one can finally enjoy water sports, which are forbidden in Capo Carbonara area, making it a must-visit destination for nautical enthusiasts.

CALA SA CALAZZIGA deserted beach!



Nestled between Punta Porceddus Beach and Cala Pira Beach, Sa Calazziga Beach is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered in the southern part of Sardinia. This small inlet boasts a fine white sand beach, complemented by smooth rocks and crystal clear turquoise waters that resemble a swimming pool. The beach's enchanting beauty is further enhanced by the lush vegetation of shrubs and Mediterranean scrub that surrounds it, making it feel like an isolated and forgotten paradise.While there are no services on the beach, its exclusivity is what makes it even more appealing. Sa Calazziga Beach is never crowded and is sheltered from the wind, providing a peaceful and serene environment for visitors to enjoy. Opposite the beach, one can admire the stunning views of Serpentara Island and Variglioni Islands.Due to the lack of a traced path connecting the provincial road to the beach, reaching Sa Calazziga Beach on foot can be quite challenging. Therefore, it is highly recommended to access the beach by sea, making the experience even more exclusive. With a length of 41 meters and an average width of 7 meters, the beach spans an area of 287 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 36 people. If you're looking for a secluded beach with breathtaking views and clear turquoise waters, Sa Calazziga Beach is definitely worth a visit. Don't miss the chance to explore this hidden paradise in southern Sardinia.

In conclusion, Sardinia is a beautiful destination for yacht charters, offering breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters. However, the weather conditions can sometimes be challenging, with strong winds that can compromise the whole cruise. The NE coast of the island offers sheltered coves and bays that provide a safe haven for yachts, even during the windy season. Porto Liscia and Porto Palma are two of the most strategic and appreciated bays for captains and their clients, thanks to their safety, privacy, and exclusivity. Understanding the weather patterns and choosing the right location to anchor can make all the difference in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable yacht charter experience in Sardinia.