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Products tagged with 'clin'azur'

CLIN'AZUR 112 Oil & Diesel Fuel Spill Dispersant 5Lt.

Fast acting and complete elimination of oil spills in harbours, at sea. High emulsifying power. For dosage, refer to our technical data sheet available on request to your retailer.
$134.58 net price

CLIN'AZUR 136 Grey waters treatment 1Lt.

Functions: - Stops bad smells. - Degrade and liquefies oils, organic and vegetal greases.
$48.62 net price

CLIN'AZUR 122 Black water treatment 24 Tabs

Stops bad smells. Accelerate the organic wastes biodegradation.
$81.82 net price

CLIN'AZUR 117 Descaling, deodorant sanitary 1Lt.

117 removes oxides, scales, soap and detergent residues.
$14.37 net price

CLIN'AZUR 312 Leather nutrient cream 500Ml.

Functions: - Cleans, nourishes and protects leathers and vinyls. - Prevents drying and premature aging.
$26.37 net price

CLIN'AZUR 90NF Professional Black streak remover 750Ml.

Functions: - Cleans. - Degrease. - Perfume. - Multi-purpose.
$19.63 net price