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Dear All,

following our last Covid-19 update of the 4th of March 2021, please note there is a quick and very important update related to new requirements in place to enter Sardinia as per Regional Decree n. 5 of the 5th of March 2021.

Please see below the new requirements in place:

- Compulsory registration to the Regional Website "Sardegna Sicuri"  (please let us know we can take care of it for you) 

- Negative swab test result for COVID-19 (it can be PCR or rapid swab test) done 48 hours prior arrival is required OR proof of vaccine (meaning 2 full jabs declared on a certificate), OR negative swab test for COVID-19 done within 48 hours after the arrival, OR 10 days of quarantine.

As mentioned before, Sardinia has been since 01/03/2020 the only region in the white risk range, therefore the lowest national risk range. The status of white zone in Sardinia will remain for the current three weeks until new government update and it translates as follows:
- Travel - In a white area there are no limits on travel within the Region.
- Curfew - from 11:30 pm to 5:00am
- Bars and restaurants - Bars open till 9:00pm and restaurants open till 11:00pm 
- Gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, theaters and museums can open full time in this area, but at this stage in Sardinia this is still under evaluation
- Fairs and discos closed even in the white area - According to the draft of the new Dpcm, fairs, congresses and discos remain closed even in the white area. "Events remain suspended - it says in the draft - that involved gatherings in enclosed spaces or outdoors, including trade fairs and congresses as well as activities that take place in ballrooms and nightclubs and similar venues, outdoors or indoors".

For all yachts intending to proceed to Italy and Sardinia from abroad or from those intending to move from one to another different region if already in the Italian territory, it will be possible only for given valid reasons (work reason) only with crew and NO guests onboard.  All yachts entering Italy will have to present: 
- Maritime Health Declaration
- Free Sanitary Practice, depending on the country the yacht is arriving from (E List of Annex 20 - see previous newsletter)
- In all cases, a Negative PCR tests results for COVID-19 is recommended, done 48 hours prior entering Italy.  In Sardinia now is compulsory.

For arrivals from UK,  Austria and Brasil there are different restrictions. Please contact us for more infos. 

Please note that all the measures in place now are subject to change due to the unstable situation.

We hope our recap is useful for all crew intending to travel to Italy and Sardinia. Please note that rules are changing constantly so make sure to double check prior any departure. We remain at your complete disposal in case of any further necessary assistance.

Best regards,

Nautica Assistance Team
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