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Dear All,

here a brief update related to Italy Covid-19 security measures extended until 30th of April 2021.

There is a specific decree of the Ministry of Health, according to which those who return from European destinations - in addition to the usual swab, to be done in the last 48 hours before arrival - must do 5 days of quarantine and a second swab. The aforementioned measurament is also extended to Austria (which previously envisaged 14 days), the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Israel.  This is also extended to crew travelling to Sardinia. 

Briefly the actual situation for Italy and Sardinia translates as follows.

At the moment and until the 30th of April  arrival in Sardinia and Italy for tourism purposes is forbidden .

The only way to arrive in Sardinia and Italy at the moment is:
  • for work reasons (technical stop or technical works, i.e going to shipyard; bad weather conditions)
  • health reasons
  • to come back home, if resident

For what concerns Sardinia in particular, people authorized to arrive will need to do:
- Compulsory, register to the Regional Website "Sardegna Sicura" (like last year, we can take care of it for you)
- Swab test for COVID-19  (it can be PCR or rapid swab test coming from Europe; must be PCR test for people arriving from E list countries, must be done 48 hours prior arrival OR proof of vaccine (meaning 2 full jabs declared on a certificate), OR swab test done within 48 hours from arrival, OR 10 days of quarantine. Please note Maritime Authorities are requiring PCR test.

For all yachts intending to proceed to Italy and Sardinia from abroad or from those intending to move from one to another different region if already in the Italian territory, it will be possible only for given valid reasons (work reason) and only with crew and NO guests onboard. 

All yachts entering Italy will have to submit: 
- Maritime Health Declaration
- Free Sanitary Practice, depending on the country the yacht is arriving from 
- In all cases, a Negative PCR test result for COVID-19 must be presented, done 48 hours prior entering Italy.
- Compulsory register to the Regional Website "Sardegna Sicura" (like last year, we can take care of it for you)

Please note that all the measures in place now are subject to change due to the unstable situation.
We hope our recap is useful for all our yachting community intending to travel to Italy and Sardinia. Please note that rules are changing constantly so make sure to double check prior any departure. We remain at your complete disposal in case of any further necessary assistance.

You can find same infos shared through our socials channel and Latest News section at our webite

Best regards,

Nautica Assistance Team
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