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INDEL Ice-Maker Inox 230 V-50Hz 5S21A11A00000

Manufacturer: INDEL WEBASTO
$1,573.30 net price
High class in your glass! The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker uses the spray technology to offer you fresh, clear ice. The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker is a compact, spray‐type, ice maker that will produce up to 40 pounds of crystal‐clear ice per day. The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker is designed to work in a boating environment where other clear ice makers will not. The ice produced is a barrel‐shaped, crystal‐clear, top hat ice that is very dense and slow‐melting. Clear ice does not have air trapped in it like conventional white, crescent‐shaped ice. Conventional white ice releases freezer air in drinks as it melts and changes the flavor of drinks. The Isotherm Clear Ice does not change the flavor of drinks, so whether you're drinking water, sodas, or cocktails, you'll get the pure flavor of the drink. 5S21A11A00000
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