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Dear All,

We are carrying good news this time as we can finally say that Italy reopens to tourism!
Italy, in fact, will return to normal with the arrival of the Green Pass by the Mid of May.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that, all tourists, coming from all over the world, that will intend to visit Italy after May the 15th, will be able to circulate freely if in possession of the Green Pass.

In order to obtain the green certificate, the following conditions must be attended:

  • to have had a full cycle of one of the vaccines approved by EMA;
  • to have had a negative Covid-19 swab test done in the 48 hours prior arrival;
  • to be in possession of a recovery certificate from Covid-19.

Those in possession of the pass will have the opportunity to move freely and have access to certain events, both cultural and sporting. For the moment it will be a paper certificate, later it will become digital. The model will follow the certificate currently in use for travels between Italian regions of different colors.

The quarantine obligation for those entering Italy is therefore destined to lapse on May the 15th. In fact, the health minister Roberto Speranza will not renew the current ordinance that imposes the quarantine period until mid-May, for all the people travelling to Italy. Currently a negative (molecular or antigenic) swab test need to be carried out within 48 hours of the arrival in Italy and five ore ten days of quarantine are required (depending from previous country visited). Once the quarantine period ends, a further test must be done to proove the negativity.
The European Union covid green pass is expected by Mid-June and has the same purpose: to restart movements within the EU safely, especially as we are going towards the summer season.

It will allow cured, immunized or swab negative EU citizens to travel freely in Europe and Schengen countries without having to face further Covid tests and periods of isolation. It will come into effect at the same time everywhere in Europe.

All yachts entering Sardinia have to present:

  • Maritime Health Declaration
  • Free Sanitary Practice, depending on the country the yacht is arriving from
  • Negative PCR tests results for COVID-19 done 48 hours prior entering Italy or vaccination certificate
  • Compulsory registration to the Regional Website "Sardegna Sicura"

We will be happy to update you with the actual protocols once in place, but we can say that this is a wonderful news for everyone!!

We hope our recap is useful for all our yachting community intending to travel to Italy and Sardinia. Please note that rules are constantly changing so make sure to double check prior any departure. We remain at your complete disposal in case of any further necessary assistance.

Please remember, you can find same infos shared through our socials channel and 'Latest News' section at our webite

Really hope to see you in Sardinia the soonest!! Looking forward to it!

Best regards,

Nautica Assistance Team

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