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MZ Electronic Adapter for single-pole Contactors MZ1030/S

Only for 12V rMZ relè (codes MZ2150\C and MZ2130\H)
$17.72 net price

MZ Electric Foot Switch White/Black UP

Perfectly watertight control for relays or other loads, which can be activated by the simple pressure of your foot. Perfect watertight execution- Max. loading: 4 A. Inox steel base. Fitted with a hinged thermoplastic crashproof flap cover in order to avoid fortuitous operation. Control button in sea water resistant silicon rubber. Available in grey or white.
$20.25 net price

MZ Water Level

Water Level measures the consumption of service water on boats.After setting the total useful volume of the tank( or tanks in the event of communicating tanks) connected to the instrument, water level indcates the amount of water in the tank.Its indicator display reminds you to fill up the tank so you will never be left without service water while sailing.
$240.51 net price

MZ Motor Winch 127mm 1500W 12V 3 connectors

MZ Motor Winch 127mm 1500W 12V 3 connectors
$829.68 net price

MZ Chaincounter NAUTI 011X

The chaincounter NAUTI 011X has the same technical features of the chaincounter EV011 combined to the flush mounted version on which a smart inox steel bezel has been mounted.
$202.53 net price

MZ Kit plug / socket / 6-pole

MZ Kit plug / socket / 6-pole
$44.30 net price