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STAR BRITE Teak Oil Preserver 81600 1 Gallon

STAR BRITE Teak Oil Preserver 81600 • Seals and protects teak and other fine woods and contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist weathering • Makes teak look great • Safe and easy to use
$128.05 net price

SEMCO Teak Sealer Cleartone 1G

Long lasting natural looking protection.
$207.59 net price

3M 05095 Putty Acrylic Glazing 14.5oz White

3M™ Acryl Putty restores smooth, flawless surfaces by filling small pinholes, scratches, stone chips and other minor blemishes in automotive and marine finishes. Our acrylic putty offers easy sanding, smooth spreading and low shrinkage.
$38.30 net price