02 Jul 2023


The beautiful island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. However, there are some unique experiences in Sardinia that you may not have thought possible. 
Let's explore five extraordinary activities that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Renting an island for a day

Isola di Molara for a day of exclusive paradise

Imagine having an entire island all to yourself for a day. Isola di Molara, located in La Maddalena Archipelago, offers the opportunity to fulfil this dream. You can rent this picturesque island and indulge in its pristine beaches, explore hidden coves, and enjoy a private picnic surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. It's an exclusive experience that will make you feel like a true island explorer.
With the island at your disposal, you have the freedom to immerse yourself in its wonders. Explore its diverse landscapes, from the lush, vegetation-rich northern slope to the rugged and arid terrain of the southern side. As you venture along the trails, a symphony of scents and colours accompanies your every step, awakening your senses to the island's natural wonders.
Discovering the island's history is a captivating journey in itself. Engage the services of a knowledgeable guide who will regale you with tales of Molara's ancient past. Learn about its role as a source of perennial drinking water, a legacy dating back to the late 1800s. Marvel at the remnants of a mediaeval chapel, a testament to the island's enduring human presence throughout the centuries.
To enhance your experience, indulge in an enchanting aperitivo under the shade of ancient olive trees, where you can relish the captivating view of Tavolara Island.
Renting Molara Island for a day is an exclusive invitation to immerse yourself in a world of natural wonders, captivating history, and unparalleled beauty.

Hug the World's Oldest Olive Tree

In North East Sardinia inland: an encounter with living history

In the charming town of Luras, NE Sardinia inland can you embrace the European world's oldest olive tree. This ancient tree, known as L'Olivo di Luras, is estimated to be over 4,000 years old and is considered a living monument. The tree's twisted trunk and majestic presence will leave you in awe. Taking a moment to connect with this living piece of history is a humbling and unique experience that should not be missed.
Here, amidst the serene beauty of the countryside, you can wander through rows of majestic century-old olive trees, basking in their timeless grace and learning about the traditional cultivation methods that have sustained this land for generations.
After immersing yourself in the olive groves, your journey could continue to the captivating Ethnographic Museum in Gallura, where you'll step into a faithful reconstruction of typical Gallura environments. As you explore the museum's exhibits, you'll delve into the fascinating world of the "agabadora," a mystical figure from Gallura's folklore. Discover the ancient customs and beliefs associated with this healer, who was said to possess the power to alleviate suffering and bring comfort in times of illness and hardship.
Combine a visit to the Luras Ulivo Centenario with sailing on Lake Liscia, where the green of the luxuriant vegetation meets the blue of the placid waters of the lakes.
We offer you the possibility, unique in Sardinia, of a boat tour on marvelous Mississippi-style boats. Safe, comfortable, equipped with suggestive paddle wheels, which can be hired for a private tour.
Finish with an exploration of the Ethnographic Museum which would offer you a truly immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the region's agricultural heritage and cultural traditions. From the serene beauty of the olive groves to the intriguing tales of the agabadora, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Gallura's past and its profound connection to the land and its people.
As the sun begins its descent, casting a warm golden hue over the rolling hills and vineyards, you can savour the moment with a glass of Gallura's finest wine in hand. Indulge in the flavours and aromas of the renowned Vermentino or other local varietals, as the knowledgeable sommeliers guide you through the nuances of each wine. They can share insights into the winemaking techniques and the unique characteristics that make Gallura wines truly special.


Journey back in time: Climb aboard a traditional wooden cart pulled by oxen.

Rediscover Sardinia's rural heritage 

Picture yourself travelling back in time as you climb aboard a traditional wooden cart pulled by oxen. This nostalgic experience allows you to rediscover the island's rural heritage and traditional way of life. You can explore the picturesque countryside, enjoying the slow-paced journey while taking in the breathtaking scenery. It's an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world and appreciate the simplicity of a bygone era. The visits with the ox cart is a service available to those tired and alienated from everyday life, to slow down the pace of life and harmoniously combine slow food and slow life, through the revival of rural life, in contact with nature, in the recovery of more human biological rhythms and of customs and traditions that were believed lost. The ox cart will take you slowly, naturally, into green spaces, cork woods, fields and dusty roads. A possible tip will be accepted by the driver of the cart for feeding the animals.

Change perspective and take a photo of your Yacht from the top of Tavolara island.

A stunning aerial view

For those seeking a luxurious experience, Sardinia offers the chance to capture stunning photographs of your yacht from the top of Tavolara Island. This imposing limestone massif rises majestically from the sea, providing a dramatic backdrop for your yacht. Climb to the summit and be rewarded with panoramic views of the coastline and the crystal-clear waters below. It's an ideal spot to capture unforgettable memories of your maritime adventures. 
The Island of Tavolara is a huge calcareous mountain that dominates the Gulf of Olbia; its highest peak, Punta Cannone (564 metres), gives us an amazing panorama of the whole Gallura allowing us to sight the Monte Limbara, Monte Nieddu, Montalbo up to Caprera, Strait of Bonifacio and Corsica. There is the possibility to visit Tavolara with a medium difficult hike that does not require the use of harness, via ferrata kit and helmet; but the top of the island can be reached in two ways only: a first way characterised by a small and easy protected climbing route ideal also for beginners (EEA), the second way is to face a much more difficult mountaineering trail called 'Via degli Angeli' (Angels way). Below we will explain in detail the hiking trail (EEA) which allows to reach the summit of Punta Cannone using the easier trail. This is suitable also for beginners that we’ll use for the first time technical equipment (harness, via ferrata kit, helmet).
Attention: Who want to reach Punta Cannone must not suffer from vertigo (fear of the heights/ acrophobia).

Explore the World's Most Famous Suspended Mining Port

SW Sardinia: the nostalgic beautiful history of Porto Flavia

Enjoy a night by anchoring off Pan di Zucchero rock . Admiring the impressive rock at sunset, as it rises out of the sea just a few metres from the coast, increases its splendour: the sunlight bounces off the limestone silhouette in every shade of yellow and orange. Pan di Zucchero (meaning Sugarloaf) is one of the most impressive and spectacular natural monuments on the Island and the symbol of the coast, an astonishing marvel in South West Sardinia, captivating with its industrial archaeology and stunning coastal backdrop.
Porto Flavia, overlooks the mesmerising Masua sea, with its myriad shades of blue, and the remarkable Pan di Zucchero sea stacks towering 133 metres (440 ft) high, this site enthrals visitors.
Utilising a narrow-gauge railway nestled within the sea stacks, minerals extracted from Masua and nearby mines were transported to large silos through coaches. A network of conveyor belts, concealed in a tunnel beneath the silos, efficiently transferred the minerals directly into the holds of sizable ships docked beneath the cliffs.
Embark on a private guided tour of Porto Flavia, visitors can traverse the upper tunnel and eventually arrive at a terrace, where they can savour an unparalleled panorama.

The allure of Sardinia lies in its ability to surprise and captivate visitors with its diverse landscapes and hidden gems. 

Sardinia invites you to step off the beaten path and explore its hidden wonders, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Unveil the unexpected, embrace the extraordinary, and let this Mediterranean gem reveal its secrets to you.