04 Aug 2023


Let's take a moment to reflect on our hilarious encounters this summer!

Remember, laughter is the secret ingredient that keeps our spirits high and our adventures unforgettable. So let's sail through this season with a big smile and a contagious sense of humor!

We would like to mark the season with a funny note on our agent life, highlighting the most popular questions. We bet you've asked at least one of these questions during your adventurous crew life in Sardinia.

In this light-hearted article, we explore the six common questions asked by many visitors to Sardinia, only to find out that the answer is a resounding "No!" So, let's dive into the amusing world of agent life and unveil the truth behind these popular inquiries.
We would always love to say yes, but:

1. Is it possible to do a bbq in Cala Luna in Sardinia?
2. Where can I find a deserted beach in Sardinia in August?
3. Can I stay here in this anchorage attached to the rock in Maddalena's?
4. Can I jet ski in Maddalena's?
5. Can we party in the South Sardinia military area of Cala Zafferano?
6. Can I stay in Cala di Volpe at anchor with no buoy?

Is it possible to do a BBQ in Cala Luna in Sardinia?

Ah, the allure of enjoying a barbecue amidst the breathtaking beauty of Cala Luna! Unfortunately, the answer is a firm "No." Cala Luna, known for its stunning limestone cliffs and crystal-clear waters, is a protected area, where preserving its natural splendor takes precedence over sizzling sausages and grilled delights. BBQ is forbidden everywhere on the beach in Sardinia!
Main reason is the risk of fires we have in the island, especially when wind blows…which is 300 days per year!!

Dreaming of having an idyllic deserted beach all to yourself in the peak summer month of August?


Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but the reality is that finding a truly deserted beach in Sardinia during this time is highly unlikely. August is the busiest month for tourism in Sardinia, attracting visitors from around the world who flock to enjoy its pristine shores. You might find less crowded beaches by the east coast of Sardinia, maybe the most empty is in the area of Cardedu or Spiaggia di Murtas and on the west coast by Piscinas, but surely we can start making some promises for September!

Can I stay anchored in this anchorage attached to the rock in Maddalena?


While the idea of anchoring your vessel close to the magnificent rock formations of Maddalena sounds appealing, it's unfortunately not allowed. Maddalena Archipelago is a protected national park, ensuring the conservation of its extraordinary marine ecosystem. Anchoring near the rocks could cause irreparable damage to the delicate environment and it is not allowed anywhere in Sardinia, not only at La Maddalena.

Can I jet ski in La Maddalena?


Zooming across the azure waters of Maddalena on a jet ski might be on many people's bucket lists, but the answer remains a resolute "No." As a protected area, Maddalena is governed by strict regulations to safeguard its marine life and preserve its natural integrity. Jet skiing is prohibited to maintain the tranquility of this remarkable destination. Jet skis are also forbidden by Tavolara Island and Capo Carbonara Marine Natural Reserve.
By the way: we have 1000 nautical miles of coast in Sardinia: why everyone wants to jetsky in the 50 miles of the preserved marine park?
Check out all rules and regulations here

Can we party in the South Sardinia military area of Cala Zafferano?


For those looking to party in an unconventional location, the South Sardinia military area of Cala Zafferano might seem tempting. However, entering this restricted area is strictly prohibited for civilian visitors. The military area is intended for military operations and security purposes, ensuring the safety and privacy of its operations.
So if you decide to party anyway, you may see some unexpected fireworks during your private event!
Check out all rules and regulations here

Can I stay in Cala di Volpe at anchor with no buoy?


Cala di Volpe, known for its luxurious resorts and glamorous atmosphere, may entice boaters to drop anchor and relish the beauty of the bay. However, anchoring without a buoy in Cala di Volpe is not permitted. The area is meticulously managed to maintain order and preserve its natural appeal, ensuring a harmonious experience for all visitors. Outside the bay though, 200mt from the last buoy, it is possible to anchor on the north and to the south.
Buoys are mainly installed to preserve the seabeds, giving the boats the possibility to stay in some areas without using their anchors.

While the allure of Sardinia's pristine beaches, enchanting coves, and captivating landscapes is undeniably irresistible, there are certain limitations and regulations in place to protect these natural wonders. Understanding and respecting these rules not only preserves the island's beauty for future generations but also ensures a sustainable and harmonious experience for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself asking one of these six questions, remember the big "No" and embrace the unique charm and adventure that Sardinia has to offer within the boundaries of its regulations.