23 Sep 2023


Blue zones are regions in the world where people are claimed to live, or to have recently lived, longer than average. Sardinia's Blue Zone is fascinating because it boasts one of the highest concentrations of centenarians globally, offering insights into longevity and healthy aging. Studying this region is important for unraveling the secrets behind a remarkably high number of people living vibrant, long lives, providing valuable lessons for global health and well-being.

For yachters seeking not just breathtaking coastal beauty but also a unique, holistic experience, Sardinia's Blue Zone status holds undeniable appeal. Beyond its stunning landscapes and pristine waters, Sardinia offers a rare glimpse into the art of living well. The island's longevity secrets, from its wholesome Mediterranean diet to its active lifestyle and tight-knit communities, can inspire a sense of well-being among yachters. Cruising through these serene waters while being immersed in a culture that has cracked the code to a long and vibrant life can be a transformative experience, making Sardinia's Blue Zone a truly enticing destination for those seeking not only relaxation but also a deeper understanding of the keys to a healthier, happier existence.
We understand that our guests would appreciate experiencing the perfect blend of luxury and local charm not having to drive miles away from the yacht. Therefore, we aim to craft an itinerary that keeps us as close to the coast as possible. However, for those seeking a more adventurous experience, we simply can't resist recommending the very best options.


The recipe for longevity in Ogliastra is a harmonious blend of simple yet essential ingredients: locally sourced, farm-to-table goodness (known as "good food Km 0"), an active lifestyle filled with movement, the warmth of close-knit communities, rejuvenating rest and mindful meditation, and a touch of genetic predisposition. This captivating region of Sardinia not only offers a rich Mediterranean diet but also embraces a strong sense of togetherness, which has been attributed to the remarkable number of centenarians residing here.


Cala Gonone - Cave, diving and Su Gologone Luxury Experience KM0


Start your journey in the Cala Gonone area, sail along the dramatic coastline, explore caves like Grotta del Bue Marino, and indulge in snorkeling and scuba diving. Relax on beautiful beaches like Cala Luna and hike in the scenic Supramonte mountains. Enjoy traditional cuisine at local restaurants and watersports with no restrictions.
The stretch of coast surrounding Cala Gonone is one of the most interesting coasts to be explored by kayak. Kayaking along the coast of the south Gulf of Orosei from Capo Monte Santu to the splendid Cala Mariolu or from the beautiful Cala Goloritze to the wonderful Cala Biriola or from Cala luna to the caves of Bue marino. You can ask for a guided service or go by yourself. What enhances your journey in a distinctive and enchanting manner is a visit to Grotta del Fico. Easily accessible by tender, this excursion presents the ideal opportunity to organize a sunset aperitif and an exclusive guided tour. This natural cavern is situated just ten meters above sea level, yet the path along an ancient riverbed transports you into a different realm filled with remarkable natural sculptures. Marvelous stalactites and stalagmites fill the cavity, while unique and delicate crystal-like sculptural formations provide a delightful experience.
Indulge, without having to leave the coast too far, in the Su Gologone luxury experience. This oasis of luxury and tradition offers vibrant decor, local cuisine, and a unique cultural immersion. Dining here is not just a meal; it's a lavish experience. Su Gologone offers a taste of luxury immersed in Sardinian tradition. Try their "culurgiones," a Sardinian pasta stuffed with potatoes and cheese, and enjoy it with local Cannonau wine.  Su Gologone allows you to experience the longevity-promoting Blue Zone diet, adding a healthy twist to your culinary journey.


Baunei and Santa Maria navarrese- "Centenarian Havens: Discovering Longevity Hotspots"


On your journey from Cala Gonone to Baunei, you not only get to explore stunning landscapes but also dive into the rich social fabric and the essence of the Blue Zone lifestyle. As you drive up the mountains on Baunei's northern side, consider sharing a meal with local shepherds or enjoying a village restaurant.

Baunei is your gateway to the calanche of Golgo, a UNESCO World Heritage site within the Gennargentu National Park. This region is famous for its breathtaking limestone formations, deep canyons, hidden caves, and the profound sense of community found in Blue Zones.

Dining in an "ovile" (a traditional Sardinian sheepfold or shepherd's hut) is a remarkable experience. Inside, a communal table displays locally sourced ingredients on handcrafted wooden platters and traditional ceramic dishes. The meal often stars slow-cooked roasted lamb, prepared by Sardinian shepherds. Sharing this rustic feast fosters connections through the universal languages of food and hospitality, transcending language barriers. This experience deepens your appreciation for the island's traditions, the shepherds' way of life, and the bond between land and people. Dining with shepherds in this heartwarming setting leaves you with cherished memories of Sardinia's authentic essence and the importance of social connections in the Blue Zone lifestyle.



Next, sail to Santa Maria Navarrese, a small jewel set in between the rocky cliffs, in the Ogliastra region of Sardinia, land of centenarians. This charming coastal town will serve as your yacht oasis, where you can drop anchor or moor at the Marina, relax, and embrace the simplicity of nature. Santa Maria Navarrese is the perfect spot with a cozy marina and direct access to the town for those willing to have an ice cream and visit the town for a relaxed walk.

Santa Maria Navarrese is a peaceful marina with numerous amenities and provides the most convenient location for pick-up and drop-off by our guides, but moreover it’s the ideal starting point for any tour in Ogliastra.
Ogliastra, often referred to as the "Land of Centenarians," is a remarkable region located on the east side of the island of Sardinia. This designation is a testament to the unusually high number of people living here who reach the age of 100 and beyond. Ogliastra has earned its place in the Blue Zone due to its unique combination of factors that contribute to longevity and healthy aging. The region boasts pristine natural landscapes, a wholesome Mediterranean diet rich in locally sourced, farm-to-table ingredients, a close-knit and supportive community, opportunities for physical activity in the great outdoors, and a genetic predisposition that promotes longevity. These elements come together to create an environment where people not only live longer but also lead vibrant, fulfilling lives, making Ogliastra a captivating and scientifically significant part of the Blue Zone phenomenon.

Arbatax - Dinner by the beach at La Bitta


Explore Arbatax, the coastal gateway to Ogliastra's wonders. Start your journey with a taste of local culture in Lanusei and adventure into a forest of oaks and chestnuts on the granite plateau of Selene and visit the archaeological area. At the conclusion of your visit, you can enjoy an aperitif featuring Cannonau DOC wine, an ancient and unique autochthonous grape variety.
The residents of this blue zone practice moderate red wine consumption, particularly favoring Cannonau. This wine, native to the region, is renowned for its high flavonoid content, substances that support better circulation. The moderation in red wine consumption is a key element in their wellness formula, contributing to maintaining a healthy heart and promoting longevity. It's a practice that demonstrates how tradition often has a scientific foundation, providing a flavorful reason to toast to health.
End your day at La Bitta beachfront restaurant.

Arbatax is a scenic town and harbor with far-reaching views of the picturesque East coast of Sardinia from the lighthouse, on the headland of Capo Bellavista. Originally a fishing village, the town's name comes from the Arabic word meaning 14th tower that stands on the seafront.

Cea Beach - Unwind by the Clear Waters


For some relaxation, head to Cea Beach and enjoy a refreshing swim in its crystal-clear waters. The pristine beauty of this beach provides the perfect setting to unwind and rejuvenate. Cea beach is about 1 km long, made up of fine white sand. Bordered to the south by a strip of rocks (Punta Niedda), it is known for the presence, a few meters from the shore, of the beautiful red Faraglioni (Is Scoglius Arrubius), besieged by those who want to dive into the clear sea of ​​the beach.
The concept of "slow life" or not having hectic rhythms and leading a slow-paced life is indeed a fundamental characteristic observed in many centenarians. This lifestyle approach emphasizes the importance of reducing stress, embracing tranquility, and savoring each moment. It allows individuals to better connect with their surroundings, maintain a balanced perspective, and cultivate healthier habits. In regions known for their high number of centenarians, such as the Blue Zones, this principle is often intertwined with a sense of community, close relationships, and a focus on simple, locally sourced foods. This combination of factors contributes to not only a longer life but also a more fulfilling and contented one. So, it's clear that the elixir of long life often begins with the choice to live at a more leisurely pace.

Ulassai - Trekking and Climbing Paradise


For adventure enthusiasts dropped off at Cardedu beach, Sardinia unfolds as a land abundant with natural wonders waiting to be explored. Among these wonders, the Lequarci waterfalls stand tall at an awe-inspiring height of 72 meters (over 236 feet). But these falls are just the beginning of the marvels awaiting discovery in the charming town of Ulassai.
Nestled in central-eastern Sardinia, Ulassai offers an array of enchanting caves and captivating hiking trails that beckon to adventurers. Surrounded by the distinctive Tacco (Heel) formations and the majestic Sardinian mountains, Ulassai itself is a picturesque destination steeped in Sardinian traditions and history.
Here, you can traverse through picturesque landscapes, delve into the stunning depths of the Grotta Su Marmuri cave, try your hand at rock climbing, descend into the profound Su Sterru sinkhole, savor the delectable offerings of local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the village's rich culture. Ulassai provides a thrilling and authentic outdoor experience, where the rhythm of an active lifestyle harmonizes perfectly with the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. In the picturesque region of Ogliastra, an active movement lifestyle isn't just a choice; it's deeply ingrained in the daily routine and culture. Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Sardinia, Ogliastra's residents effortlessly weave physical activity into their lives. Whether it's tending to the olive groves that carpet the hillsides, hiking along breathtaking coastal trails, or savoring the simple pleasures of traditional dance, the people of Ogliastra epitomize the synergy between a vibrant lifestyle and longevity. Here, an active movement lifestyle is not just a key to longevity; it's a testament to a harmonious way of living in tune with the rhythms of nature and community.

Spiaggia di Quirra - Deserted Shores


If you're in search of deserted beaches, Spiaggia di Quirra is the ideal spot. This untouched gem offers a secluded and tranquil escape, surrounded by natural beauty.

Cala Murtas, a stunning beach in Quirra on Sardinia's southeastern coast, has been partly restricted due to military activities for the past two decades. However, since 2016, a section of this pristine beach has been accessible to the public during the summer months (from June to September). The beach remains uncrowded due to its military location and offers shallow waters suitable for children. It's a favorite spot for surfers, divers, and underwater fishing enthusiasts.

Geographical isolation in Ogliastra, Sardinia, contributes to longevity by preserving traditional lifestyles, fostering strong community bonds, promoting a healthy Mediterranean diet, reducing stressors, and encouraging an active outdoor lifestyle, all of which collectively support a longer and healthier life.

We're genuinely thrilled to invite our yachters to explore this incredible Blue Zone gem – Sardinia! It's not just famous for its mesmerizing seas; it holds the secrets to a long and vibrant life. Sardinia's allure lies in its harmonious blend of breathtaking natural beauty, thriving communities, and the art of living exceptionally well. This isn't just another travel destination; it's a transformative journey waiting to enrich your body and soul. So, seize the opportunity, set sail on this extraordinary adventure, immerse yourself in timeless traditions, and let Sardinia's enduring charm etch an unforgettable chapter in your travel story.