costa smeralda

from Porto Cervo to Porto Rotondo

Area Description

Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) is a 55 km long coastal area located in Northern Sardinia. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches spreading across a large area. The beaches in this region are very charming and surrounded by villages which are built according to the organized urban plan. The place is usually visited by tourists all across the globe coming from different sectors like business, entertainment as well as politics. The lovely sea view makes the most of the tourists' attraction.

The two main destinations in the Emerald Coast are the picturesque sea villages of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo.




Porto Cervo, the heart of the Emerald coast, is located on the homonymous gulf. The port and the small town were created by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV with the creation of Consorzio Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast Group) in 1962. The architecture of the whole area has been inspired to a ‘neomediterranenan’ style, with very low impact on the natural surroundings. The area has been deeply changed and has become one of the most exclusive turistic location of all Med and the world. Until that moment, the beaches were grazing lands for the cows, that were then transferred to spend the winter on the islands of Mortorio and Soffi. From the beginning of the sixties, architects like Luigi Vetti, Jacques Couelle and others were called to build what is nowadays a very famous destination known for its luxury hotels, marinas and sportive centres, home of the famous Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and a real must for the International Jet Set. The Porto Cervo summer is a wonderful display for regattas, fashion shows, golf tournaments and top brands shopping. Between the most famous beaches around the area: Liscia Ruja, Spiaggia del Principe, Romazzino and Capriccioli.






Breathtaking views and pristine beaches best describe this popular tourist spot in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. This near-perfect travel destination is overflowing with celebrities and attractions, and here you’ll find some of the most highly regarded Costa Smeralda hotels. Its strategic position offers easy access to other famous beaches as well. The small village is best known for the luxury hotel with the same name – Hotel Cala di Volpe – part of “The Luxury Collection” operated by the renowned Starwood hotel chain.




Among all beautiful locations there's Portisco, in North-East Sardinia, a small village which seems to have outgrown its own size with a reputation for enchanting beauty and a unique cultural identity. Located in the province of Olbia-Tempio and specifically at the municipality of Olbia, Portisco gained a notable importance due to its strategic position between Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. The locational advantage of Portisco has undoubtedly made it a favorite travel destination for those who love the coastline and finding itself near the Gulf of Cugnana, it is also a favourite for the sailing enthusiasts. Marina di Portisco  has 589 moorings, from 4 to 90 metres long, 16 dedicated places for Maxi Yachts with high draughts, all arranged around 10 quays. Comfortable, solid, safe wharfs in reinforced concrete, with the possibility of parking your car close to your mooring and load and unload items. A marina that combines facilities for taking care of your boat and a prompt, professional welcome for anyone mooring here at Portisco.




Porto Rotondo is on the North-Eastern Sardinia and is part of Olbia’s Municipality. Its area extends for 300 hectares approximately, from the Gulf of Cugnana up to the Gulf of Marinella. Since 1967, due to the care which has been taken to preserve the natural environment of the Porto Rotondo area, international investors have made this area one of the most sought after destinations of the most exclusive tourism. Porto Rotondo is today the sworn rival of the relatively close Emerald Coast, attracting exponents from the International Jet Set. The Piazzetta, entirely created in local stone, the granite amphitheatre, and the Church of St Lorenzo are of great architectural interest. Here one finds the boutiques of the world's top fashion designers, interior decorators and craftsmen. The harbour, where some of the most beautiful yachts of the Mediterranean are moored, is not to be missed.

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