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from Porto Cervo to Porto Rotondo

Kids activities


Un nuovo concept per il Toy Club del Romazzino - Costa Smeralda

They  are entertained with a fully supervised program of engaging activities that takes full advantage of the hotel's stunning natural surroundings. The trained, multi-lingual  staff is skilled  at entertaining  children aged 3 to 12 years old. Each day a new agenda is designed to include  water ports adventures, handcrafts and sporting games, as treasure hunts, banana  boat  rides,  soccer  games,  9-hole  miniature golf, basketball.


Una giornata all'Aquadream – Un Sardo in giro

The magic of water, the joy of sun, the cheerfulness of fun. The water park is situated just few kilometers from Porto Cervo and offer a very good range  of  water  game  for  children  of  all  ages  and adults. Moreover,  different  services  as indoor  game room, lockers, infirmary, dream shop, photo, relax area, parking, lookout point.


Per i più piccoli – Independent Villa

Gregoland is a public playgound located in the heart of Costa Smeralda. 11.000 sqm of pure fun for kids and adults with a breathtaking view on the Porto Cervo  Bay. Service not including children's entertainers;children allowed only accompanied by parents / tutor.


A Guide to Horseback Riding for Beginners | The ActivityHero Blog

Horse riding is a way to approach an environment with a high naturalistic value, uncontaminated areas and  stunning panoramas, communities that maintain traditions and culture from the past, flavors and fragrances sometimes thought as disappeared. Leaving the stables you will take easy paths and farm roads in the nature, that run along white sand beaches and a sea with thousands of shades of blue.


Kartodromo Pista dei Campioni - Pista go kart Costa Smeralda
+ 7/8 years old, minimum height 135 cm, safe driving lesson, road safety education, piloting lesson.


Asino Sardo, nato e cresciuto in Sardegna #asinosardo #donkey #sardinia  #thelivingfarm | Sardegna, Animali, Asino

Onotrekking (trekking with donkey): it is a fascinating and suggestive way to awaken old sensations that only the contact with the animal and the sharing of the path by its side can give, retracing ancient and new paths of the Gallura countryside. The times of trekking with donkeys, in fact, are different from a "human" trek, simply because donkeys dictate times and pauses along the way.


Fattorie didattiche in Trentino, dove andare con i bambini

The Didactical Farm is a direct link between rural and city life. The aim of the project is food education, the transmission of rural world's values and culture and to promote agriculture awareness linking the past to the present. For the all day or half day, the farm proposes workshops involving practical  activities of  direct contact  with  animals  and plants  in  their  natural habitat and includes a visit to the reconstruction of an ancient Sardinian farm.


Escursioni di mezza giornata a Delfinlandia, Escursioni Sardegna, Camping  Village Alghero

Without doubt watching dolphins strike smoothly out of the water, side by side, is magic. However, understanding who they are, what they do and how they communicate makes this experience unforgettable. Swimming silently on seafloor with myriad fish can be tons of fun for all ages but finding hidden sea creatures makes snorkeling a real adventure.


Foto Roccia dell'Orso a Palau - {info}

The unusual rock formation, la roccia dell’Orso, is shaped like a bear and overlooks the Coast of Palau. It is a massive block of granite, eroded by the wind over centuries.


Dubai's 800 Degrees launches kids' pizza making classes

Learn how to make the original pizza with our chefs. Discover your hidden talents and start your cookery journey onboard of your yacht with a dynamic and interactive experience.


Prendre des cours de sirène, c'est possible à Lyon !

Play with Mermaids! Activities dedicated to children carried out by mermaids in the pool or in sea with shallow water. For each game is combined a message to raise awareness on the marine environment and its inhabitants. There isn't a minimum age to participate, children who can not swim wear armrests or use other flotation aids.


Come organizzare una festa di compleanno per bambini fantastica?

Magic Show onboard with artists as jugglers, mimes, wader, alive statues, balloon maker, kids make up artists, magicians. Baby Dance and games on the beach with entertainers.


Caccia al tesoro per bambini, 5 prove divertenti | DonnaD

Surprise them with a treasure hunt! It will give them something fun to do, and treasure hunts are a great way for you to get more involved with your kids and learn about their interests. We have as much fun planning our treasure hunts together as we do actually completing them. Treasure hunts are fun, interactive and creative and you can tailor them for kids of various ages. You can have a treasure hunt right at home, in your yard, yacht or also on the shore. And the different themes and styles to choose from are endless.


Corso di Truccabimbi (Face Painting) a Firenze | Oligenesi Estetica

Fun with your kids! Pro face painter will be at disposal on board to give your children hours of creative fun with our face painting kits!